Mac / MacBook Keyboard Shortcuts – Sleep, log out and shut down

By pressing a combination of keys, we can do things that normally we have done with mouseacquis, trackpadacquis or another auxiliary device. shortcut- short - It helps us in principle to save time. For example, when we want to copy a folder or file using the mouse or trackpad, without using key shortcuts (keyboard shortcuts), we must select the file (one click), right-click on it (second click), navigate in the context menu (options menu), then click on the copy option (Copy "filename").


This operation can be greatly simplified if we use the keyboard shortcut. Select the file or folder you want to copy, then press Command ⌘ + C.

These keyboard shortcuts we can use for more advanced commands. For example, using keyboard shortcut we could close (shut down), we can put in the mode "sleep”Or we can disable our user on  Mac, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. All this without having to navigate the menu Apple (apple on the top left).


Key combinations for Sleep, log out and shut down on Mac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air - OS X

First of all, you should know that on OS X, the Pwer button also participates in key combinations. It's a different thing than PC systems with Windows or Linux.

Power button - the short press will start Mac if it is off or remove it from the mode sleep.
Power button - press the button for 1.5 seconds (then take your finger off the button) when Mac is turned on, will open the menu with the options: Sleep, Restart, Shut Down.


Power button - kept pressed More than 5 seconds, will close everything MacCPC. turn off. This operation is also known as "cold closing" and is applied only in exceptional cases, when the system remains blocked and no longer receives any command.

Command ⌘ + control ^ + Power button – Force restart Macacquis.
Shift ⇧Control ⌃ + Media Eject ⇪(upper right corner of the keyboard) - closes the display Mac. Restarting the display is done by pressing any key or by touching the mouse / trackpad.
Command ⌘ + control ^Media Eject ⇪= Close all applications and restart Mac. If you have documents that are not saved, you will be asked before closing the editing application if you want to save the document in progress.
Command ⌘ Option ⌥control ^ Media Eject ⇪- A shortcut from four keystrokes, which closes all applications (asks if you want to save open documents in editors like TextEdit, Word, Pages, Numbers, etc.), then close Mac. Shut Down. It is a very good shortcut at the end of the work schedule, which saves you from accessing and closing each application and then closing Mac.
Command ⌘ Shift ⇧+ Q - Log out for the account logged on to OS X. You will be asked if you want to do this and confirm the account authentication Apple.
Command ⌘ + Option ⌥ + Shift ⇧+ Q - Log out the user immediately without asking for confirmation.

About these would be keyboard shortcuts for restart, sleep, closing the display, quick closing of applications and user deauthentication on Mac OS X. As you can see, for these operations the most used key combinations are with Command ⌘, control ^, Option ⌥, Shift ⇧, Caps Lock ⇪, Media Eject ⇪ si Power Button.

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