Microsoft extends support for Windows 8.1 until 10 June 2014

Right after Windows 8.1 Update, Microsoft announced that systems Windows 8.1 who will not have that Update installed (this is equivalent to a Service Pack systems Windows earlier) will not receive System updates and security via Windows Update starting with May this year. Specifically, in order to continue receiving security updates, users Windows 8.1 (But not users Windows 8) Are required to install Windows 8.1 UpdateOtherwise will be vulnerable systems possible malware attacks.


This decision Microsoft not necessarily a problem, but some of the users Windows 8.1 they could not install Windows 8.1 Update due errors which, despite Microsoft's attempts (relaunch Windows 8.1 Update and service update Windows Update) were not resolved. Fortunately for those who have not yet installed (or could not install) Windows 8.1 Update, Microsoft announced yesterday that they will continue to launch security updates for Windows 8.1 inca 30 days, Until the June 10 2014, And also created a support page which provides information about Posts si error codes that can occur when trying to install the update and possible solutions for them:

  • Code 0x80073712
  • Code 0x800F0923
  • Error: We couldn't complete the updates. Undoing changes. Don't turn off your computer.
  • Error: Failure to configure Windows Updates. Reverting changes.


The reason why Microsoft has extended with 30 for days the period in which Windows 8.1 Update can be installed before security updates are blocked for Windows 8.1 is the one that many users have not yet updated their systems and they would remain vulnerable, which was not in their interest, but neither of the company. users enterprise of the system Windows 8.1 will have one available period 3 times (120 days) to install Windows 8.1 Update (up to August 12 2014) Before their systems to not receive security updates.

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Microsoft extends support for Windows 8.1 until 10 June 2014

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