5G Technology Pandemic and Coronavirus 5G Antenna Conspiracy Theory (COVID-19)

At most all major natural phenomena or events that effect mankind, love voices appear conspiracy theories si hallucinating scenarios. Many believe that the devastating weather phenomena in the US and Europe are caused by Russia, who know "from reliable sources" that they have the technology to change the climate globally. Even the great earthquakes are not left to nature. These are caused by nuclear or nuclear experiments at great depth, according to some people's minds.

Pandemic caused by the new coronavirus (COVID-19) is a topic on everyone's lips in the first months of 2020.
In the minds of some, this coronavirus what can produce o severe respiratory disease (pneumonia), does not exist. The health problems that have led to this time 30.880 deaths worldwide, are actually caused by 5G technology. You will find such statements on social networks and obscure websites, which have nothing scientific at the base.

"5G fills the space with tens of thousands of satellites leading to global electromagnetic pollution at new levels, and that represents genocide against humanity

"This covid19 is not a virus is a 5G experiment that is on the planetary scale in the so-called civilized world and this is said by several hundred specialists who attract the attention of the world

"But this virus exists and is caused by the 5G ANTENELE !!! For those who do not know, 5G waves cause a DNA mutation (DNA) at the same time it is made especially to destroy the body's immune system!

"5G technology is a weapon!

A post at least hallucinatory, of which besides the fact that "5G technology is a weapon"I understand that I have to put my red cabbage picked to be" safe ", that businessmen, celebrities, kings and queens do not have contact with people, but some hackers came and put them coronavirus in the serum ADRENOCHROME (?!?), and "positivism" is the main cause of weakening the immune system. WOA!

Can 5G technology cause a pandemic or be it the cause of coronavirus?

Of course not. 5G technology does not cause coronavirus nor 5G antennas don't kill people and other forms of life within their range.
Like 3G and 4G LTE, the new one 5G wireless technology uses radio transmissions, using a harmless part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The claims that 5G waves cause DNA mutations, are totally unfounded, and whoever launches such texts does not master the basic notions of what technology represents. 5G or nucleic acid ADN.
You will find on social networks, many claim that these radio waves are actually radiation. Well, not all radiation is life-threatening. Without some "radiation" life on earth would not be possible. However, the term "radiation" is seen as something negative, harmful, which we must avoid.
Because the radio wave is non-ionized and does not excite electrons, it does it cannot cause changes in DNA or coronavirus levels or other disease. Consuming a lot of vitamin C si pickled red cabbage To protect yourself from "5G radiation", this is not a recipe we recommend, as the user will urge in the capture above. This "recipe" is really fun.

The real dangers are not represented by 3G, 4G or 5G wireless technologies. The real dangers are "fake news" (fake news) and the so-called "conspiracy theories" launched in the online environment by personalities and public figures, who know very well the art of manipulation and I know how to produce a "viral sensational", able to spread itself.
A fake news with headlines that emotionally affect the audience will have a much greater impact than an article or well documented news. Peak, the latter will be considered suspicious by lovers of "conspiracy theory."

5G Technology Pandemic and Coronavirus 5G Antenna Conspiracy Theory (COVID-19)

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