[Req] How To Disable Windows 10 Spell Check in OneNote App

use OneNote that application Office since the time Microsoft Office 2003When installed application suite came with Excel, Word, Power point si Outlook. I liked how it evolved this application, both the Office suite Windows si Mac OS X and that mobile application for Android si iOS (on iPhone).

In recent years, Microsoft has decided to develop a separate OneNote Office suite, so two years ago appeared the first version OneNote for OS X ca independent application Office suite. The app is available today, freeIn Apple App Store.
With the launch of operating system Windows 8.1 / Windows 10Microsoft OneNote included in the list preinstalled applications on the system. Nothing wrong so far, compared with only application OneNote in Office independent app has many shortcomings. The biggest missing for me is the ability to change or deactivateSpell Check.

OneNote Spell Check

It's unfortunate that until now the Windows 10 application has not developed enough to provide basic user options. It's unpleasant to see words highlighted in red with notes like PHP, Java, and so on, which they do not understand. If you know her method that can disable Spell Check in OneNote for Windows 10Please leave us your comments and we'll update this post.

[Req] How To Disable Windows 10 Spell Check in OneNote App

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