Relevant results in search engines

, You send Sea, Offers the best online service travel agencies, Shows the best Deals on Black Romanian and provides a very simple graphical interface used by visitors. Not true, but could be a business good, if you were to take me after positioning the site Yahoo! Search. We have:

- Search for "Romanian coast" has two results on the first page (of 1,430,000). The positions of 2 and has 8.

- Search for "girls on beach"4 the ranks of 820,000 .

Normal fasting is that which appears in the first page results in a search engine to be very consistent in information. In the above situations, leading to job search ""(Irrelevant) and in addition we observed a stupid thing to Yahoo! Search. As a first result for the search "Romanian seaside" is on one page Domain Parking (LOL!) which besides zero relevance, offers a generous popup.

Domain Parking

Yep. I know it is a very useful post for you but you can take it as an answer to the question "Which search engine is better?" - GOOGLE!

Relevant results in search engines

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