TaskBar and Start Menu Transparent / Windows XP & Windows 7 (Download)

I do not know if users would make a and a may transparent than allow theme Aero graphics ( Themes), But surely there are many who use and I want to bring something in style Windows 7 si on this system.

application Taskbar Transizer help us do Taskbar and Start Menu Transparent with just a few clicks, without having to install any theme or any program that we consume some CPU / RAM.

How do theme of Windows (Windows Theme) transparency in Windows XP.

1. Application download and run the file TaskBar Transizer pxtaskbartrans.exe

Taskbar Transizer

2. In "Taskbar and Start Menu"Choose the level of transparency for taskbar, Start Menu si Start Menu Programs (List of installed programs that have shortcuts in the Start Menu).

The result: Windows XP by transparent Taskbar & Start Menu.

Start Menu - takbar XP Transparent

Result: Transparent Windows Taskbar & Start Menu 7.

Start Menu - takbar Windows 7 Transparent

After you set the level of transparency we can close the application. Changes remain active until the reboot (restart). If you want to keep settings, go to the tab "Configuration"The application and tick option "Load at "

Windows XP & 7 Windows Customization.

TaskBar and Start Menu Transparent / Windows XP & Windows 7 (Download)

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