What is TPM and why is it necessary for Windows 11?

We already know that on October 14, 2025, Microsoft will stop supporting the operating system Windows 10, and the biggest concern of users of Windows, is that they will not be able to install Windows 11 if the PC does not support TPM. Before we see why TPM is a requirement of system / hardware requirements Read More

How to deactivate and transfer the license Windows 10 (Product Key) from one PC to another

How do we know what type of license we have activated on Windows and how we can transfer the license from one PC to another. Types of licenses Windows and what properties each has.

Automatic Profile Switching to Microsoft Edge / Sync Bookmarks, Passwords, Credit Card Date & Edge Collections

Microsoft Edge has gained more and more ground recently on operating systems Windows 10. Helped perhaps by the pandemic that keeps more and more people more dependent than ever on computers, but also on features and performance, Microsoft has managed to "steal" land from Google Chrome. One of the most interesting… Read More

Microsoft introduces Double Key Encryption - A security solution with double encryption of secret data

Microsoft is working hard to increase the security of important data, both for simple users and for companies, public institutions and those who demand a high level of security and confidentiality. The company announced today that it has launched a "preview" for the public (beta), a new data encryption feature, Double Key Encryption, for Microsoft users… Read More

How to stop automatic video playback in Microsoft Edge Browser (Stop video autoplay in Edge)

Microsoft will definitely succeed on Windows 10 with the new Microsoft browser Edge. Millions of users around the world have given up on the Internet Explorer and even Google Chrome in favor of Microsoft Edge. Being derived from Google Chrome, the Microsoft browser Edge supports about the same advanced settings accessible via URL, through which users can… Read More

Windows File Recovery - Recover deleted data (pictures, documents, videos, archives) on Windows 10

Not infrequently it happens to accidentally delete data imported from the hard drive or from a USB Flash Drive, memory card (eg SDcard) or other external media. For the recovery of deleted photos and documents there are various applications, but the several times they are paid and most promise results far beyond… Read More

How do we add the license Windows 10 in your Microsoft personal account - Quick license activation Windows 10

Enable Windows 10 is still a problem for many users, especially when they need to change hardware components (HDD / SSD) or reinstall Windows 10 and enable it on another computer. As early as the fall of 2016, Microsoft introduced the Anniversary Update for Windows 10”And the possibility of activating Windows 10 using… Read More