TOP changes of Windows 11 Insider Preview 25151.1000

Windows 11 Insider Preview 25151.1000 was released for developers on the Dev Channel and brings a number of significant changes from the previous version. At the same time they are fixed a number of bugsand errors.

What's new Windows 11 Insider Preview 25151?

No new UI changes or new features are implemented in this new update, but bugs and bugs from previous versions are fixed.

Windows 11 Insider Preview 25151.1000
Windows 11 Insider Preview 25151. 1000

File Explorer

In Windows 11 Insider Preview 25151 fixed a bug that led to oversizing of tabs in File Explorer. Some became abnormally large under certain conditions.

All in File Explorer, the context menu that appears on the right-click on the tab has become more reliable.

Fix Shut Down in Start Menu / Restart

In Build 25145, some users encountered an unexpected problem when trying to shut down their PC from HomeShut Down. It restarted inexplicably. Basically the closing button plays the role of Restart. This issue has been resolved in Build 25151.

Fix Windows Security crash

In the previous version, many unexpected crashes were reported Windows Security. Microsoft has fixed this crash issue Windows Security in Build 25151, but it is possible that for some users Windows 11 Insider Preview 25151 the problem to appear again.

Resolved printing errors

In previous versions of Windows 11 Insiders have reported problems with UWP printer applications. They either could not execute the print command, or the user had to try printing repeatedly to arrive at a result.
This issue is resolved in Build 25151

Unresolved bugs and bugs in Build 25151

Some games installed on Windows 11 Insider Preview 25151.1000 using Easy Anti-Cheat will be able to have running problems or will trigger the bug checking system in Windows 11.

It is still being investigated why some Insider users receive the error KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED in NetAdapterCx.sys.

Up arrow File Explorer it is not aligned correctly with the tabs. This element will be resolved in future versions.

Widgets customization changes to settings default after restart. For example the unit of measurement for temperature.


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