When will Windows 12 be released, and what new features does it bring?

There are still quite a few users who find it difficult to part with Windows 10 or even Windows 7, especially since Microsoft has released Windows 11 23H2 for the Windows Insider Program (Business), but they are wondering when Windows 12 will be released and what new features it brings.

It is almost a certainty that Microsoft is preparing the release Windows 12 in 2024. This version is codenamed “Next Valley” and it will definitely be an operating system that will have artificial intelligence heavily integrated.

Until Microsoft starts to reveal the future features of Windows 12, we can intuit some small features of the next operating system, based on the trends and the direction in which it is heading Windows 11.

When will Windows 12 be released, and how much will it cost?

Most rumors tell us that Windows 12 will be released in the second half of 2024. If the company Apple has accustomed its users to the annual release every fall of a major version of the operating system macOS, Microsoft has no such track record. Operating system Windows 8.1 was released after about 4 years of release Windows 7, and between Windows 10 (Jul. 29, 2015) and Windows 11 (Oct. 5, 2021) was a distance of 6 years.

In the context of the increasingly advanced implementation of artificial intelligence both on Windows as well as in Microsoft's suite of applications, the release in the relatively near future of a major new version of Windows, would make sense.

In July 2022, it was suggested that there is a successor to Windows 11 in development, but its name is not yet confirmed. So, it is not known exactly what the next major version will be called Windows 12 or will have a name related to the implementation of artificial intelligence.

In February 2023, a now-deleted tweet appeared stating Windows 12 in the context of a processor Intel Meteor Lake. Then an interview with a Microsoft official referred to the future development of Windows.

In March 2023, Microsoft launched an experimental channel “Canary” for the Program Windows Insider, which could be dedicated to future features present when it launches Windows 12.

However, at the developer conference Build from May 2023, it was not mentioned Windows 12 although there are hints from Microsoft and Intel that a major new release of Windows is in the works.

Will Windows 12 be free?

It is very possible that Windows 12 to be free for a period of time after the release date, with no limitations. So it is with operating systems Windows 10, Windows 11.

For users who already have a license for Windows 11 is possible to upgrade to the version Windows 12 be free or have a lower price for purchasing the license. Incidentally, the upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 is free.

Windows 12 Hardware Requirements

Estimates of future hardware requirements Windows 12 suggests that they could undergo significant changes from Windows 11. Even if there are no official confirmations, it is anticipated that changes will be made in the following areas:

  1. RAM: It is assumed that a larger amount of RAM will be required, at least 8GB, compared to the current requirement of 4GB in Windows 11.
  2. Minimum Storage: The minimum storage required could be increased from 64GB upwards.
  3. Minimum resolution: The minimum resolution requirement may increase from 720p, but there is no concrete evidence of this yet.
  4. AI Support: Due to the focus on artificial intelligence, a processor with artificial intelligence capabilities may be required. Microsoft's investments in this area and the development of AMD processors with built-in AI suggest this direction.
  5. Possible limitation to certain hardware components: It is speculated that certain functions, especially those related to AI, could be "limited to newer PCs with a neural processing unit (NPU) or GPU".

Of course, these estimates are based on unofficial information and rumors. Actual hardware requirements for Windows 12 will be confirmed by Microsoft at the time of release.

Features Windows 12

It is anticipated that Windows 12 will bring many new features, but specific details of what this version will look like remain uncertain, as many of the new features are still in development and may undergo changes until the final release. Possible features include new lock screens (Lock Screen / Login Screen) and touch-optimized authentication, a new notification center with the ability to group notifications by person or app, the ability to add widgets to the screen desktop and a dynamic background functionality that uses AI to create “parallax” effects as you move your cursor or device.

Another project called 'CorePC' has the potential to modernize the platform Windows, with AI features that include contextual suggestions based on on-screen information and identifying objects and text in images. CorePC would also bring modularity by allowing Windows to adapt the level of features and app compatibility to suit specific devices. This would lead to faster updates and increased security. It is expected that Microsoft could also release a "light" version of Windows 12 to compete with Chrome OS, which would be dedicated to basic functions and would be extremely fast.

There is a possibility that Windows 12 to have a radically different approach to design, but this could meet resistance from the user base Windows. Although many users would be happy with a graphical interface (UI) change, most users are more conservative and reserved about making major changes. However, if folding PCs become popular, we may see significant improvements in design and user experience. A special mod for use in tablet mode could also be considered.

In conclusion, if Microsoft will continue to introduce many new things in updates Windows 11, it is quite possible that Windows 12 will be only a minor interface change, to which will be added stability and a greater focus on productivity.

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