Windows vs Linux - Vista Vs. Beryl

Normally, there are two operating systems that can not be compared. It would be a comparison between plane and helicopter. Each has characteristics, as is the MAC OS different Linux and Windows. Finally ... a few days I got some sort of "measles"(Windows Vista Home Premium) And the first thing differently than the old version of XP, is the graphics. Many changes, much improved ... what mai..arata well. Vista Aero .
I was thinking though that if there was a graphics competition for the operating systems, this would only be possible between MAC and Windows. Um ... it looks like I was wrong.


How to Install Beryl with latest nvidia drivers in Ubuntu Feisty Fawn

Debian Gnome + Beryl “3D-Desktop”

Debian GNU / Linux with Gnome Desktop running Beryl / AIGLX for 3d desktop effects.

Windows vs Linux - Vista Vs. Beryl

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