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How to set a minimum order amount in WooCommerce

Useful article if you manage online stores built with WooCommerce and you want to know how to set a minimum order amount in WooCommerce. In the settings...

WooCommerce hacks

How to automatically delete product images in WooCommerce, together with the product

Even if WooCommerce is a very robust shopping platform that has developed a lot in recent years, there are still many missing options. One of …

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Fixed wc-ajax = get_refreshed_fragments High CPU Usage (Disable AJAX Cart Fragments)

A fairly common problem on online stores with WooCommerce is the excessive loading of the processor with the AJAX requests of the shopping cart. Fix wc-ajax...

WordPress Send Email

How to disable the sending of email messages in WordPress - Disable wp_mail() function

Providing a valid email address is a mandatory step in the installation WordPress. Password reset messages are sent to the email address of the admin user,...


How to reset the user password Administrator WordPress, without access to email or database - Reset WordPress Administrator Password

A simple tutorial through which you can reset the password of the user with the rank of Administrator WordPress if you do not have access to the database or to the admin email. Reset WordPress Administrator Password.

How to customize the page "No products were found matching your selection" in WooCommerce - Optimizing Sales on Online Stores

WooCommerce Best Practice – Guide / tutorial for customizing the WooCommece page in which no results appear after a search in the online store. "No products were found matching your selection" or "No Products Found".

WordPress is the most known and used CMS platform for blogging, presentation and portfolio websites. Along with the extension WooCommerce, WordPress has become a robust and stable platform for millions of online stores. Simple code and optimization make of WordPress si WooCommerce perfect solutions for online. Optimization for Google (SEO) and personalization.