Zune Theme for Windows 7 (Black Theme Download)

It started the weekend and if we do not leave on the grass or on the beach, we have time to play with GUI operating system.
For users Windows 7 (32-bit si 64-bit) Seeking a GUI blackIn style Zune PlayerI found a very interesting theme that completely change the graphic appearance OS Windows 7.

QuickPlay Zune for Windows 7

The screenshot below is an overview of the topic, made by giannisgx89 ...


And now a few screenshots of the theme in action on one of our PCs.

zune theme desktop

7 zune windows - control panel and computer

Resources (icons for applications) included in the theme pack.

zune icons

Specific as in the above screenshots I have not changed and system files. I just used the basic theme, Zune QuickPlay.theme.

Download Zune QuickPlay Windows NEVER THEME external download

Installation instructions, theme files and system files that need to be changed can be found inside the archive. Before you start changes be sure to take a backup of the original file system.

The theme is compatible with operating systems Windows 7 on 32-bit, 64-bit in Aero or Basic.

Download Black Windows 7 Theme - Zune QuickPlay.


Zune Theme for Windows 7 (Black Theme Download)

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