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How to start MySQL automatically if it stops for any reason

How to automatically start MySQL if it stops? [Linux]

When you manage servers Linux with databases, stopping the mysqld service for various reasons is not a very pleasant incident. In the …

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Configuring and solving service errors

There are stopped jobs

How do you solve "There are stopped jobs" custom made "logout” in SSH (Terminal)

This tutorial shows you how to solve "There are stopped jobs" custom made "logout"In terminal (SSH). What does this message mean in Linux and what do you need...

Web Firewall

How to block access to SeekportBot or other crawI clicked on a website

Most of the time, when you need to block the access of SeekportBot or other crawI bumped into a website, the reasons are simple. The web spider…

NVMe SSD with RAID 1

What does 2x 512GB NVMe SSD with RAID 1 mean on the web server?

I recently had someone puzzled by the fact that although he has two interconnected disk512GB SSDs, it only sees one disk for space...

Fixed phpMyAdmin Error

phpMyAdmin session_start() Permission denied – How To Fix

phpMyAdmin session_start() Permission denied is one of the most common errors that appears in this MySQL database manager. The error occurs when...

Cloudflare URL Forwarding

How to redirect non-WWW URL to WWW using Cloudflare

Before we show you how to redirect non-WWW URLs to WWW using Cloudflare, let's see why it is important that a website cannot be accessed...

nginx tips

nginx cannot load certificate fullchain.pem – Certbot Fix

The error nginx cannot load certificate path/fullchain.pem appears when we test the NGINX service after deleting Let's Encrypt certificates generated with Certbot. In the server, the error appears by...