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nginx cannot load certificate fullchain.pem – Certbot Fix

The error nginx cannot load certificate path/fullchain.pem appears when we test the NGINX service after deleting Let's Encrypt certificates generated with Certbot. In the server, the error appears by...

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Cloudflare URL Forwarding

How to redirect non-WWW URL to WWW using Cloudflare

Before we show you how to redirect non-WWW URLs to WWW using Cloudflare, let's see why it is important that a website cannot be accessed...

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Webmail File Not Found Not Found in Roundcube / VestaCP [Fixed]

A solution for the error Webmail File Not Found Not Found in Roundcube which appeared after a update of packages on the server. Address /webmail is very used…

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Delete old domains Certbot certificates (Let's Encrypt Certificate)

A simple tutorial addressed administratorweb servers that want to delete from Certbot certificates SSL of domains that are no longer hosted on the server. Delete...

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How To Fix: FastCGI sent in stderr – PHP message: PHP Warning: move_uploaded_file

PHP Warning: move_uploaded_file"It is a typical error of NGINX web servers and occurs when we want to upload a file to the server. Of the

Email Tutorials and Tips

How to set up the DNS TXT zone for SPF, DKIM, and DMARC and how to prevent business e-mail messages from being rejected by Gmail - Mail delivery failed

Administratorserious private e-mail users for business often face many problems and challenges. From the waves of SPAM that must be blocked...

How to clean huge wp_options in SQL - Transients, wpseo_sitemap _cache_validator

A very useful tutorial if you have a website on WordPress whose SQL table wp_options is very large. Clean huge wp_options in SQL. WordPress East …