How do we know if a site (website) wants to steal our bank card details or is it reliable? Pay securely!

I recently saw a lot of news with people who found themselves without money in their bank accounts after entering their bank card details on various online stores, platforms for posting sales announcements and on other websites. Apart from malicious people who practice these online theft techniques (phishing scam), it is… Read More

Qbot, an old malware, current danger for Internet Banking customers

A recent press release from SRI (Romanian Intelligence Service) shows that during this period there is an ongoing cyber attack targeting customers of Internet Banking platforms. PC via Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox, they have a very good chance of doing… Read More

How to protect our bank accounts online scams (Phishing Scams)

We are regularly assaulted by “very important” emails or those that require “increased attention” from some banks, some of which do not even macwe would not have or have ever had accounts. Most likely you are not unfamiliar with the terms "online banking" and "internet banking". They are used by all banks, and these tools aim to redirect some operations… Read More