wpuser_X Administrator Exploit / Hack in WordPress PublishPress Capabilities Plugin

Security challenges are rampant, and the most recent hacker is exploiting a vulnerability in a WordPress plugin that is designed to limit users' access to WordPress capabilities and better control their permissions. If you have a blog, online store, presentation site running WordPress and the module… Read More

How do we know if a site (website) wants to steal our bank card details or is it reliable? Pay securely!

I recently saw a lot of news with people who found themselves without money in their bank accounts after entering their bank card details on various online stores, platforms for posting sales announcements and on other websites. Apart from malicious people who practice these online theft techniques (phishing scam), it is… Read More

TLS / SSL Certificates - A new limit of validity imposed since September 2020

The maximum (lifetime) validity of SSL / TLS certificates has varied greatly in recent years, and each time changes were made, the time limit was shorter. Before 2011, the maximum lifespan of TLS certificates was between 8 and 10 years, following that after 2011, CA / Browser Forum (Certification… Read More

Microsoft introduces Double Key Encryption - A security solution with double encryption of secret data

Microsoft is working hard to increase the security of important data, both for simple users and for companies, public institutions and those who demand a high level of security and confidentiality. The company announced today that it has launched a "preview" for the public (beta), a new data encryption feature, Double Key Encryption, for Microsoft users… Read More

Office 365 data security depends on employee attention (Remote Working)

Once remote working has become indispensable for many companies, banks and institutions, the strategy of cyber attackers has also changed. Microsoft warns that more and more malicious applications have appeared that target Office 365 accounts, and the security method with OAuth token is canceled if the user accepts access to such applications in the Office account… Read More

Qbot, an old malware, current danger for Internet Banking customers

A recent press release from SRI (Romanian Intelligence Service) shows that during this period there is an ongoing cyber attack targeting customers of Internet Banking platforms. PC via Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox, they have a very good chance of doing… Read More

What Antivirus you can install on Windows 10 without spying on you? Spyware Antivirus

It's not a joke at all. I have written in the past about so-called antivirus solutions for Windows, which instead of protecting users, do nothing but spy on their online and offline activity, and the information obtained to be used for commercial purposes. No later than 2019, Kaspersky admitted to injecting Read More

Apple Zero-Day Vulnerability in Windows PC [Ransomware BitPaymer / IEncrypt]

A rather serious vulnerability of Apple iTunes, has recently affected users Windows PC. Discovered by cybersecurity company Morphisec, the vulnerability is found in a path left open in iTunes for Windows. Through this vulnerability Zero-Day, allows attackers to exploit the target system and launch cryprovirus ransomware, such as BitPaymer and IEncrypt. ... Read More

php.php_.php7_.gif - WordPress Malware (Pink X Image in Media Library)

A strange thing was recently reported to me on several WordPress sites. Problem data php.php_.php7_.gif The mysterious appearance of a .gif image with a black "X" on a pink background. In all cases, the file was named "php.php_.php7_.gif", with the same properties everywhere. The interesting part is that this file was not uploaded by a… Read More