Tutorials for macOS (Mac, Macbook, iMac)

How to install Numbers, Pages on older versions of macOS

How to install Numbers, Pages on older versions of macOS

A helpful tutorial if you have an older model of Mac and need to install Numbers, Pages on older versions of macOS.


macOS Sonoma show Desktop Widgets

How to disable desktop preview when clicking on wallpaper in macOS Sonoma

If you no longer want it to be displayed Desktop when you click on the wallpaper, in this tutorial you can see step by step how to disable the view desktop ...

verbose Mode on Mac Computers

How to disable Verbose Mode for Mac computers

If for various reasons you have enabled verbose mode but it is not helpful or useful to you, this tutorial will help you see how to disable...

AutoFill in Safari

How do you disable Safari AutoFill Contacts

A simple tutorial where you learn how to disable Safari AutoFill Contacts. Thus, when you have to fill in data in a web form, you will no longer ...

What is AirDrop

What is AirDrop and how does AirDrop work on Apple devices?

Starting with 2011, Apple launched a brand new feature to enable fast file transfer between devices Apple (iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod touch). …

Mac shut down computer popup

Solution Mac “You shut down your computer because of a problem”

After you stopped Mac from the button (cold shutdown) or after a power failure, when the system restarts the message appears: "You shut down ...

Safari Tabs

How can you remotely close web pages open on the iPad, Mac or iPhone

This is a very useful tutorial if you need to remotely close web pages that are open on Mac, iPad or iPhone. May …

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