Tutorials for macOS (Mac, MacBook, iMac)

knowledge- Agent High CPU Usage

macOS: knowledge-agent High CPU Usage?

If you are a user of Mac and you noticed that the process knowledge-agent consumes many resources CPU, is not a cause for concern. "Knowledge-agent" is not a ...


AutoFill in Safari

How do you disable Safari AutoFill Contacts

A simple tutorial where you learn how to disable Safari AutoFill Contacts. Thus, when you have to fill in data in a web form, you will no longer ...

What is AirDrop

What is AirDrop and how does AirDrop work on Apple devices?

Starting with 2011, Apple launched a brand new feature to enable fast file transfer between devices Apple (iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod touch). …

Mac shut down computer popup

Solution Mac “You shut down your computer because of a problem”

After you stopped Mac from the button (cold shutdown) or after a power failure, when the system restarts the message appears: "You shut down ...

Safari Tabs

How can you remotely close web pages open on iPad, Mac or iPhone

This is a very useful tutorial if you need to remotely close web pages that are open on Mac, iPad or iPhone. May …

Safari on MacBook Pro

Top 5 advantages of using Safari on Apple devices (Mac, iPhone, and iPad)

If you own several devices Apple, in this article you will discover a top 5 advantages of using it Safari on devices Apple (Mac, iPhone ...

powerd on MacBook Pro

Is the 'powerd' process consuming high CPU resources on a Mac?

If the process 'powerd' uses large resources of CPU pe Mac, you are not the only one who has given this problem. Apparently, the problem is...

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