Fix Error: Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress

“Your PHP installAtion appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress ”is an error encountered by many blog owners and websites with WordPress. It is not a cause for concern. The lack of the MySQL extension in PHP is typical of operating systems installed from scratch, VPS or dedicated servers, where PHP extensions do not Read More

Import .SQL File Error - MySQL server has gone away

When we have to import large .SQL files into a database, the classic method via phpMyAdmin is not a good solution. Most of the time we run into a "reqest timeout", The simplest is to connect SSH / console to the server that holds the database, to upload to… Read More

Fix phpMyAdmin Import SQL - Unknown collation: 'utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci'

An issue of importing via phpMyAdmin or SSH (with command line for importing) databases or archives, which occurs especially when moving a database from one server to another, which does not use the same encoding settings or there are different versions with specific settings in MySQL. ... Read More

How can we add an Admin user in WordPress if we do not have access to Dashboard or SQL

There are situations in which we need to "take over" a blog / website on WordPress, but we do not have a lot of authentication data. In the scenario where we do not have any user with admin rights to know the password, we do not have an e-mail address on which to retrieve a user admin and Read More

[Fix phpMyAdmin] The configuration file now needs a secret passphrase (blowfish_secret)

Whether phpMyAdmin is installed on an Ubuntu server, CentOS or etc. Fedora distribution, the message “The configuration file now needs a secret passphrase (blowfish_secret) ”in red at the bottom of the index, give headaches. Especially when configured correctly in "/etc/phpMyAdmin/". Of course, the path may vary from one configuration to another, but on CentOS… Read More

Import large databases (.sql) changing size upload limit (2048 KiB) of phpMyAdmin.

When we work with databases, the most handy is phpMyAdmin, which provides support for database administration through the web interface. From phpMyAdmin we can make any changes we want in a database to which we have access. We can add databases, create, delete and edit tables in databases… Read More

MySQL Server - How to change / set the root user password via SSH.

How can we set or change the MySQL password for the root user. After installing MySQL server on Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, UNIX etc., the first thing we should do is set a password for the "root" user. This user "comes" with MySQL, it has nothing to do with the "root" user… Read More

Show database queries total, memory usage & execution time (WordPress)

WordPress is a platform that no longer needs comments. As flexible as WordPress is, it can require a lot of CPU / RAM resources if too many plugins or functions are used. For blogs and sites created on WordPress that need to support high user traffic, it is very… Read More