Instagram and Facebook Not Working? Password Re-entry.

Meta Company is facing a technical issue, causing all Instagram and Facebook accounts to not work. "Session expired – Please log in again".

Users worldwide have been affected by this significant disruption of Meta services, resulting in users being logged out of Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. Users are logged out of their Facebook accounts and prompted to re-enter their password for authentication, citing session expiration.

Instagram and Facebook Not Working? Password Re-entry.
Session expired on Facebook

Even if the account password is correct, authentication on the Facebook or Messenger account cannot be completed, causing panic among many users.

This unexpected interruption also affected Meta Quest headsets, thus blocking the operation of Horizon Worlds and rendering the metaverse unavailable.

According to reports, more than 300.000 users have reported issues on the Down Detector platform, while Twitter and other social networks have been flooded with similar complaints.

The fact that Instagram and Facebook are not working affects millions of users worldwide and disrupts social networks and virtual experiences.

This isn't the first time Facebook, Messenger, or Instagram have faced this issue. In the past, there have been technical problems where users were logged out of these social networks and asked to re-enter their passwords. This time, it seems that re-entering the password is not a solution.

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While users await the return to normalcy of the services, Meta representatives have been contacted to provide an official statement regarding the cause of this interruption and to communicate any relevant updates. We will continue to update the situation as information becomes available.

Update: Facebook (web) and Messenger (web) services are apparently back to normal after nearly an hour of outage. Users who received the "session expired" message cannot connect at this moment on the following applications: Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Threads.

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