LinkedIn's Resume Assistant becomes an integrated part of Office 365

The truth is that for many users, especially for the less technical ones, to make a CV in Word Office, sometimes it was harder than extreme sports. Microsoft lends a helping hand and integrates the Resume Assistant module of LinkedIn in Office 365, With the help this module present in Word Office, users will be able to create themselves… Read More

Change the location of the OneDrive folder to Windows 10

By default, on operating systems Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, the OneDrive folder is created on the system partition. We are not saying that it would not be a good thing for this folder to be located on the partition on which the operating system and the installed applications are installed, but if we have limited storage space on the partition… Read More Office Outlook popup connect 365

As an Office 365 subscriber and Outlook user, I encountered a small problem after opening the Outlook Office 365 application. A popup to connect to the server. What is and what does it want from us? is the mail server of Apple iCloud, and this message appears only to users who have installed iCloud Manager Read More

How can disable the Start Screen's Office suite 2013

If you are a user of the Microsoft Office 2013 suite, you are already familiar with the new Start Screen (feature similar to the System Start Screen Windows 8 / 8.1), which displays tiles for predefined patterns and patterns that users can use to quickly and easily create new documents. The Office 2013 Start Screen is automatically displayed by each… Read More

How can we change Search with Bing option with the Search feature in Microsoft Office Word with Google

One of the features available in Microsoft Office Word 2013 is the ability to search online for selected sections of text contained in a Word file (the feature is included in the right-click menu in Word). In mod default, the search engine used for this feature is Bing (hence its name Search with Bing), but with… Read More

How can we minimize Outlook in System Tray in Windows

If you are a Microsoft Office 2013 user and use Outlook as your default email client, you have probably noticed that when minimized, it remains present in Taskbar. If you're used to keeping Outlook open all the time and want to distract yourself from Taskbar it to be hidden in… Read More

How can disable the feature in Office 2013 cloud sites

As the cloud has become an important part of online in recent years, and online storage services have become increasingly popular, it is no wonder that Microsoft has integrated OneDrive into most of the software products launched by the company. The same goes for the latest version of Office, Office 2013, which includes… Read More

How we can forward multiple emails at the same time by a single recipient using Outlook

Sometimes we find ourselves in the situation (often related to work) in which we have to forward to another person multiple e-mails in our inbox. We may also want to back up emails received at one address by sending them to a different one. But no matter what reasons we have for… Read More

How can we create a shortcut to open the Word document last accessed

Sometimes, when working with multiple Word documents at the same time, we don't know exactly what each one is called. And if we accidentally close a certain document, we will most likely waste some time until we realize what it is called and in what location it is stored. To avoid … Read More

How can we change the unit of line (ruler) in MS Word 2010 / 2013

When working on certain Word documents, it is necessary to measure the edges or tabs or paragraphs in those documents using various units of measurement, such as centimeters or inches. In Word 2010 and Word 2013, users can change the line units of measure (ruler) in the application options. If you also want… Read More