Windows 11 Update Install Error 0xc1900101 [Parallels / Fix]

This tutorial is particularly helpful for Mac users who have installed Windows 11 using Parallels and encounter error 0xc1900101 when running Windows 11 Update.

Over the years, the updating system (Windows Update) has been significantly improved in new versions of the operating system. However, error 0xc1900101 that occurs during Windows 11 Update continues to cause headaches for many users.

When updating Windows 11 Insider Preview 26063.1, after the first restart, the blue screen for selecting the keyboard layout appears, followed by the screen with the "Troubleshoot" options, none of which, of course, work.

Windows 11 Update Install Error 0xc1900101
Windows 11 Update Install Error 0xc1900101

What does error code 0xc1900101 mean and how do you fix this problem?

Error code 0xc1900101 mostly appears when trying to update Windows, and the upgrade fails. This code indicates a problem with the drivers installed on the system. Most often, this error is caused by drivers responsible for the storage drive, the hard disk.

Solution for Windows PC

If you have a desktop or laptop and encounter this error, there are several possible methods to fix it.

1. Make sure you have enough free disk space. Updating Windows requires a certain amount of free disk space. Check how much free space you have available and free up space on the hard disk if necessary.

Tutorial: 3 Methods to Free Up Disk Space in Windows 11

2. Temporarily disable antivirus software or system cleaning programs. Although they shouldn't, some types of antivirus software may block system updates. Also, "cleaner" applications may delete update components before the process is completed.

3. Manually update drivers, especially those for the hard disk. Often, this is the solution for error 0xc1900101 that appears during Windows Update.

Tutorial: How to Update Drivers in Windows 11 – The Easiest Method

4. Manually delete downloaded update files, then restart the Windows Update process. To do this, delete all contents of the folder:

Update Files in Windows 11
Update Files in Windows 11

One of the methods above should resolve this error, and the computer should start normally after Windows Update.

Solution for Windows 11 Update Install Error 0xc1900101 for Parallels on Mac

If you're a Mac user and have installed Windows 11 with Parallels, and after updating Windows, error 0xc1900101 appears, follow the steps below for resolution:

1. Completely close the Windows 11 virtual system in Parallels.

2. With the Windows 11 system closed, access the settings panel in Parallels.

Parallels Windows 11 Configurations
Parallels Windows 11 Configurations

In the Windows settings, go to: Hardware > Hard Disk > Advanced.

4. Change the location type from NVMe to SATA, then click the "Ok" button to save the change.

Fix Windows 11 Update Install Error 0xc1900101 in Parallels Desktop.
Change Hard Disk Hardware in Parallels

After making this change, reboot the system Windows 11 and resume the update process from Windows Update. Everything will go without the error Windows 11 Update Install Error 0xc1900101.

Windows 11 Update Install Error 0xc1900101 [Parallels / Fix]
Windows 11 Update Install Error 0xc1900101 [Parallels / Fix]

In my scenario, the error occurred during a Windows 11 update installed with Parallels on an iMac (Intel). Windows 11 enrolled in the Windows Insider Program (Canary).

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