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Update Windows 11 Build 25272

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25272

Microsoft recently released a new update for the Windows 11 Dev Channel. Preview Build 25272 comes with some minor news compared to the previous version, but...

Internet and Network Settings

How to set the Static IP address on Windows 11

Normally, IP addresses are automatically distributed by the router through the DHCP protocol (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). This means that the device will not have...

Cloudflare URL Forwarding

How to redirect non-WWW URL to WWW using Cloudflare

Before we show you how to redirect non-WWW URLs to WWW using Cloudflare, let's see why it is important that a website cannot be accessed...

Windows 11 Taskbar Peronalization

How to remove Chat and Search from Taskbar pe Windows 11

A short tutorial that shows you how to remove Chat and Search from taskbar pe Windows 11. Windows 11 brought many news and changes of...

nginx tips

nginx cannot load certificate fullchain.pem – Certbot Fix

The error nginx cannot load certificate path/fullchain.pem appears when we test the NGINX service after deleting Let's Encrypt certificates generated with Certbot. In the server, the error appears by...

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