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YouTube AI tools for smartphone and platform

YouTube has unveiled a series of AI tools for content creators.

As artificial intelligence remains the hot topic in tech this year, YouTube has unveiled a number of AI tools it plans to roll out…

Copilot in Windows 11

Windows 11 23H2 with Copilot AI for applications

Even though during the year there were many important updates of Windows 11, Microsoft continues to bring the major autumn updates that we have become accustomed to...

knowledge- Agent High CPU Usage

macOS: knowledge-agent High CPU Usage?

If you are a user of Mac and you noticed that the process knowledge-agent consumes many resources CPU, is not a cause for concern. "Knowledge-agent" is not a ...

iPad Battery Health

How to check iPad Battery Health? Maximum Charging Capacity

Apple has long introduced a feature by which device users iPhone they can see very easily the health of the device's battery. Unfortunately, as...

Windows 11 Tips Notifications

How to Disable Tips and Suggestions Notifications on Windows 11

When you are focused on productivity at the computer, any notification can distract you. Some notifications aren't that important, so it's for…

Philips Hue Scenes

How to create light scenes for Philips Hue smart bulbs

If you have compatible smart lights Hue Bridge, then it's good to know that if you want to change the colors of the lights in the house, you don't have to...

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Fix Failed to load SELinux

Fix “Failed to load SELinux Policy" / CentOS / RHEL

In this tutorial you learn what it is SELinux and how to solve the error "Failed to load SELinux Policy" that appears on operating systems CentOS. In the first…

Windows 8 Beta

Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Windows 8 Beta)

Update: Windows 8 Consumer Preview was a pre-release version of the operating system Windows 8, developed by Microsoft. It was released in…

Philips Hue - Rooms and Zones

How to assign Philips Hue lights to rooms and zones

After you have installed the console Philips Hue Bridge then you have paired the smart lights with it, you can distribute the lights Philips Hue on rooms and zones. …

Downgrade Driver in Windows 10

How to downgrade Windows 10 drivers.

Before you see how to downgrade drivers Windows 10, it is very important to know that these updates bring both performance improvements, …

WordPress Error

Fix WordPress: The editor has encountered an unexpected error.

WordPress it is definitely the biggest blogging platform in the world, both for those who use the service as well as self-hosting. The error "The editor...

Stealth Settings

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