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Enable DNS over HTTPS in Browsers

DNS over HTTPS – Prevent interception of internet browsing.

For more secure browsing on the Internet, without confidential data being intercepted, DNS over HTTPS it is definitely a very good solution. …

File isn't commonly downloaded

Fix Edge: File isn't commonly downloaded. Make sure you trust the file before you open it.

In this tutorial you can see step by step how you can prevent the blocking of executable files from the Internet by "Microsoft Defender SmartScreen"...

Windows 12

When will Windows 12 be released, and what new features does it bring?

There are still quite a few users who find it hard to part with Windows 10 or even of Windows 7, given that Microsoft has...

YouTube AI tools for smartphone and platform

YouTube has unveiled a series of AI tools for content creators.

As artificial intelligence remains the hot topic in tech this year, YouTube has unveiled a number of AI tools it plans to roll out…

Install and Configure LEMP on Debian 12

How to Install and Configure LEMP on Debian 12

In this tutorial you see the steps you need to follow to install and configure LEMP on Debian 12. Nginx, MariaDB and PHP are …

Genre AI Personas

"Gen AI Personas" - Multi-personality Generative AI Chatbot

The race in which the big companies have entered for the development of artificial intelligence continues at a very alert pace, and the results are not long in coming. At no...

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What is the wsappx process and why does it use 100% disk resources?

What is the wsappx process and why does it use 100% disk resources?

If you have a computer with an operating system newer than Windows 8 and you notice that it is running quite slowly, the wsappx process may be one of the …

Windows Power Management

How to change or create a new Power Plan in Windows.

A simple tutorial where you can see how you can modify or create a new Power Plan in Windows. Very useful for the balance between the consumption of...

knowledge- Agent High CPU Usage

macOS: knowledge-agent High CPU Usage?

If you are a user of Mac and you noticed that the process knowledge-agent consumes many resources CPU, is not a cause for concern. "Knowledge-agent" is not a ...

Fix Failed to load SELinux

Fix “Failed to load SELinux Policy" / CentOS / RHEL

In this tutorial you learn what it is SELinux and how to solve the error "Failed to load SELinux Policy" that appears on operating systems CentOS. In the first…

iPad Battery Health

How to check iPad Battery Health? Maximum Charging Capacity

Apple has long introduced a feature by which device users iPhone they can see very easily the health of the device's battery. Unfortunately, as...

Stealth Settings

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