How to rename the BOOTCAMP partition to macOS - Partition Windows 10 or Windows 11

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Boot Camp Assistant remains the only robust solution we can install Windows 10 or Windows 11 pe Mac, iMac or MacBook. Following the installation process of Windows, a dedicated partition will be created for it, named "BOOTCAMP". Partition visible both in Windows → This PC, as well as on macOS in Finder. BOOTCAMP Read More

How to set up the DNS TXT zone for SPF, DKIM, and DMARC and how to prevent business e-mail messages from being rejected by Gmail - Mail delivery failed

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AdministratorSevere private email businesses for business often face a lot of problems and challenges. From the SPAM waves to be blocked by specific filters, the security of correspondence in the local e-mail server and remote servers, the configuration and monitoring of SMTP, POP, IMAP services, plus many and many other SPF configuration details, Read More

“Reset This PC” in Windows 10 si Windows 11 - Bug when deleting OneDrive data

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For older versions of Windows, completely wiping the operating system by formatting and reinstalling the operating system from scratch was the only way a PC could be "reset". With Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced "Reset This PC". A perfect option when we want to delete absolutely all data on a… Read More

How to customize the page "No products were found matching your selection" in WooCommerce - Online Store Sales Optimization

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WooCommerce Best Practice - Guide / tutorial for personalizing the WooCommece page in which no results appear after a search in the online store. “No products were found matching your selection” or “No Products Found”.

How to clean huge wp_options in SQL - Transients, wpseo_sitemap_cache_validator

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WordPress is a fairly light CMS for web servers. Minimum hardware resource requirements and a web server with HTTPS support that we have installed: PHP, MySQL, NGINX or Apache. Problems in WordPress may occur when we use various modules (plugins) that have security breaches or are not optimized affect the base… Read More

How to disable automatic updates of Windows 11 (Disable / Pause Windows 11 automatically Update)

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You want to disable automatic updates Windows 11 but you don't know how to do it? There are several ways in which we can stop or pause the automatic updates in Windows 11. If we go back a little bit to the operating system Windows 10, we know there were some good versions in which Microsoft did not Read More

wpuser_X Administrator Exploit / Hack in WordPress PublishPress Capabilities Plugin

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Security challenges are popping up everywhere, and the latest hacker has been exploiting a vulnerability in a security plugin. WordPress on top of that, it's designed to limit users' access to capabilities WordPress and better control their permissions. If you have a blog, online store, running presentation site WordPress and the module… Read More

USB (USB-A) vs. USB-C: What are the differences between the two ports / connectors

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USB-A ports are present on the widest range of devices, from computers, printers, televisions and even mobile phone chargers, while USB-C ports are lagging behind and are being implemented more and more. many laptops, chargers for mobile phones and tablets, external batteries. USB-A Vs. USB-C Different from… Read More