How do you disable Safari AutoFill Contacts

A simple tutorial where you learn how to disable Safari AutoFill Contacts. Thus, when you have to fill in data in a web form, you will no longer receive suggestions with contacts from the address book (the application Contacts).

First of all let's see briefly what is it AutoFill for the web browser and what it helps with.

Autofill web forms is a feature that allows the browser to automatically fill in forms or data entry fields with previously saved information. This feature is designed to save user time and facilitate repetitive entry of personal information or other details into online forms.

For example, the AutoFill it is very useful when filling out a registration form on a website or online store. Your browser may provide suggestions for previously saved information such as: name, email address, shipping address, and phone number.

Also in the AutoFill options for Safari you can add bank cards. Thus, when you have to make an online payment, the bank card details can be filled in automatically.

With all these advantages, I do not know why the browser Safari often brings contacts in autocomplete suggestions, and the simplest solution to get rid of this problem is to disable AutoFill contacts for macOS.

How do you disable Safari AutoFill Contacts

Go to settings Safari (Settings), then to the tab "AutoFill” deactivate the option: “Using information from my contacts".

How do you disable Safari AutoFill Contacts
AutoFill Contacts

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Once this option is disabled, when you have web forms to fill out, contact information will no longer be fetched.

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