What to choose between Office 365 and Office 2019 / Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook

There is almost no user Windows which you have not used macwould once be one of Microsoft's Office products. Excel, for spreadsheets or Word, for editing documents, can be found on the computer of any student or employee in a corporation. Part of the Office suite, in addition to Excel and Word, there are a number Read More

How do we open attachments .P7S on Mail and what these files are

If you are dealing with auctions on SEAP with messages received by e-mail from the bank, you have certainly had tangents with the .P7S files. In principle, these files contain electronically signed documents or accompany other very important files. The purpose of sending a message with P7S is that the sent message cannot be… Read More

Outlook Mail and Calendar for Windows 10 received new positions

Outlook Mail and Calendar is the application that successfully replaces Outlook and Calendar in Microsoft's Office suite. Perfectly integrated into the operating system Windows 10, the Mail and Calendar application meets both home user and business requirements. Intuitive interface, fast launch and low resource consumption, the ability to add more accounts… Read More

Now you can download Microsoft Office 2016 Public Preview!

In March of this year, Microsoft announced that the Office 2016 suite of applications is available for testing in the business environment, the company trying to get the impressions of important customers before the launch in the second half of this year. Here, after a month and a half, Office 2016 Preview is available… Read More

p13-imap.mail.me.com Office Outlook popup connect 365

As an Office 365 subscriber and Outlook user, I encountered a small problem after opening the Outlook Office 365 application. A popup to connect to the p13-imap.mail.me.com server. What is p13-imap.mail.me.com and what does it want from us? p13-imap.mail.me.com is the mail server of Apple iCloud, and this message appears only to users who have installed iCloud Manager Read More

Microsoft has released Office 2016 for Mac in the Preview variant

Recently, Microsoft has launched new and attractive software or hardware products, perfected and cheapened the offer of online services, purchased interesting products and attracted users with price reductions or freebies. If iOS users were the first to benefit from the touchscreen-optimized version of the Office suite, the… Read More

How can we minimize Outlook in System Tray in Windows

If you are a Microsoft Office 2013 user and use Outlook as your default email client, you have probably noticed that when minimized, it remains present in Taskbar. If you're used to keeping Outlook open all the time and want to distract yourself from Taskbar it to be hidden in… Read More

How we can forward multiple emails at the same time by a single recipient using Outlook

Sometimes we find ourselves in the situation (often related to work) in which we have to forward to another person multiple e-mails in our inbox. We may also want to back up emails received at one address by sending them to a different one. But no matter what reasons we have for… Read More

Microsoft has relaunched the old Hotmail webmail services under the name Outlook.com

In recent years, Microsoft's e-mail service, Hotmail, has lost more and more ground to its competitors, Gmail and Yahoo. In an attempt to regain its users, Microsoft has replaced the old service with a new one called Outlook.com. MS Office suite users are already accustomed to the Outlook application, one of the most Read More

How to setup Microsoft Outlook Signature in 2010

At work, most employees use e-mail (E-mail) as a means of communication with partners and / or colleagues in the department. For each message sent from the service email we must mention at the end of it who we are and what function we have and a contact phone. For this we can define in the Microsoft Outlook 2010 settings a Signature form… Read More