Now you can download Microsoft Office 2016 Public Preview!

In March of this year, Microsoft announced that suite Office applications 2016 It is available for testing in business environmentThe company trying in this way to get impressions before launching major clients in the second half of this year. Here that after a month and a half, 2016 Office Preview It is available for regular users who use platform Windows.

In the Ignite conferenceManager Satya Nadella announced that the package 2016 Office Public Preview It is available to all users Windows, They can test out in advance, future versions of applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint si Outlook. Testing version Public Preview It does not require the use of a account Office 365But requires uninstalling the current version Office 2013 because these two packets of applications can not coexist on the same system.

Among the novelties of 2016 Office Public Preview are found: optimal integration with online services, the emergence of a real-time collaboration system and the emergence Smart Applications.

Office 2016 will offer the possibility of accessing a document from any other system or terminal on which the user is authenticated due to the fact that the data will be saved online by default. Those who do not want such a thing will be able to return to the traditional way of working at any time. Outlook will use this integration with the storage service OneDrive and for keeping large attachments, recipients will only receive a weblink to download files without being forced to unnecessarily cluttering the inbox on local or email server. Collaboration in real time from known Office Online or Google DocsWill make its place in the applications desktop. Users will be able to inspect previous edits made by other users and will see in real time the changes that others make in the currently open file. Currently, implementation is limited to Word 2016, and using the feature requires authentication with an account Office 365.

Smart Applications will extend the basic functions of applications. Two examples would be Tell MeA new search tool, and Clutter, Announced a tool that enables intelligent organization of email account.

Users interested in 2016 Office Public Preview I can download directly from the page Microsoft, or from the account of Office 365, where the package is accessible in the Language and install options / Additional install options / Office Preview.

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