Now you can download Microsoft Office 2016 Public Preview!

Mcrosoft Office Hero 1

In March of this year, Microsoft announced that the Office 2016 suite of applications is available for testing in the business environment, the company trying to get the impressions of important customers before the launch in the second half of this year. Here, after a month and a half, Office 2016 Preview is available… Read More

The use of other operating systems in dual-boot mode could be blocked by Windows 10

Windows 11

Microsoft seems to be taking steps to block access to other operating systems that could be installed on devices with the system at the same time. Windows 10, after, first, announced that it will tolerate the use of versions Windows 10 pirated, hoping for a rapid increase in market share and persuasion of users… Read More

Project Spartan, the substitute for the Internet Explorer, revealed in an unofficial video presentation

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Desconspirat in the event of presentation Windows 10, which took place in January, Project Spartan, the web browser that will replace the famous Internet Explorer, was kept away from the curious eyes of the public. According to data provided by Microsoft, the web browser, based on a completely new rendering engine, will include the Cortana wizard with support… Read More

Microsoft announces 26 October 2012 as the official launch date of the new Windows 8

Windows 8

After various possible launch dates of the latest software product from Microsoft, here is that Microsoft officially announces the launch date of the new Windows 8 as Friday, October 26, 2012. This 8th generation of Windows will be, it seems oriented especially towards touch-screen devices, the Metro interface being one of… Read More

Fonts and spellings in Word 2003

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A font is a collection of characters that have common features. There are many types of fonts for the usual characters (of the Latin alphabet): straighter, thinner, taller, thicker, etc. or fonts for mathematical symbols, Greek, Cyrillic letters, etc. and these of various kinds. Fonts supported by Windows they are called True Type fonts. ... Read More

Find and Replace in Word 2003

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There are many situations in which the user is interested in finding the occurrence of a certain word or a sequence of characters and possibly replacing them with another word or sequence of characters. The Find command of the Edit menu allows searching for a specific text specified by the user and positioning the edit cursor on that text,… Read More

Hyphenation of text and sectioning of a document in Word 2003

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1. Dividing into syllables: By default, a word that does not fit on the current line will be automatically passed to the next line (this feature is called Word Wrap). To avoid this, you can request the division into syllables at the end of the line with the option of Tools - Language - Hyphenation, in which the dialog box is… Read More

Copy and move blocks of text in Word 2003

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In order to copy and move text from one document to another (possibly in another application) or even within the same document, you can use the Clipboard and Cut, Copy and Paste commands available from the Edit menu, via the buttons on the Standard toolbar or from the context menu of any selected block (opened with the button in… Read More

Gmail Backup for Windows, Mac and Linux

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Gmail Backup is an application with which you can save a backup copy of your messenger from your Gmail account on your own hard drive, using IMAP. Version for Windows comes with a simple graphical interface, which makes it very easy to use. Just enter your email address and password (from your Gmail account), to… Read More