How to reduce your computer's energy consumption with Energy Saver

Microsoft has introduced a new feature designed to optimize laptop battery life and reduce power consumption on computers. In this tutorial you see how to reduce the power consumption of your computer with Energy Saver on Windows 11.

Starting with Windows 11 (Build 26002 - Canary Channel), the Energy Saver feature is available for both laptops and desktop computers. So, Energy Saver is not only limited to mobile devices or laptops to extend battery life. This feature is also extended to desktop computers (desktop PCs), allowing users to benefit from energy efficiency on all types of devices Windows 11.

How to reduce your computer's energy consumption with Energy Saver

Activating Energy Saver can be done in two ways. From Quick Settings or Windows Settings.

Quick Settings: Click in the lower right corner of the screen and activate Energy Saver from the icon dedicated to this feature.

Windows Settings: Open the settings Windows, then go to the option: System > Power > Energy Saver, where you activate "Always use energy saver".

As I said at the beginning, this feature is useful both for increasing the battery life of your laptop and also for saving electricity on computers. desktop.

As soon as the Energy Saver mode is activated, many of the background activities of processes and applications Windows 11 will be turned off. It will also disable the visual and transparency effects in the Windows 11, thus managing to reduce the computer's energy consumption.

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This feature provides a simple and effective solution for users who want to carefully manage the power consumption of their devices, thereby helping the environment and reducing the price of their electricity bill.

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