How to Activate Voice Access in Windows 11 (Voice Commands)

In a previous article, we highlighted the new features that Microsoft introduced in Windows 11 regarding controlling the computer using voice commands. In this tutorial, you'll learn step by step how to activate Voice Access in Windows 11 (Voice Commands) and how to configure this feature according to your needs.

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Setting up and enabling voice access on Windows 11 it is very easy to do and does not require advanced computer knowledge.

How to set up and enable Voice Access in Windows 11 (Voice Commands)

1. After turning on the computer and logging in on Windows 11, open the menu "Start” then search for the app “Voice access".

2. At the top of the screen the configuration bar will open “Voice Access". Here you will need to click on the button "Download” to download the language.

The download of the language will be done only once, so you will be able to use the voice commands even when the computer or laptop is not connected to the Internet.

3. After the language has been downloaded, you will need to make your microphone settings. This step only appears if no microphone connected to the computer was detected when setting up voice access.

It is recommended that you use a microphone capable of picking up your voice very well and eliminating background sounds. It can be the built-in microphone on the laptop or the microphone on the headphones.

Also from here you can add another microphone to be used by voice access.

4. Once you have completed the simple setup above, you have successfully enabled Voice Access in Windows 11. Next, all you have to do is say “Voice access wake up," because Windows 11 to listen to given voice commands.

Voice access wake up
Voice access wake up

How to use Voice Access in Windows 11

If you use voice access frequently, it's best to set this feature to turn on automatically when you turn on your computer. The latest version of Windows 11 supports opening voice access both before computer login and after login.

How do you enable Voice Access when starting the computer?

Activating voice access when starting the computer is done from the menu “Start” > “Settings” > “Accessibility” > “Speach”. Here you can check the two options:

  • Start voice access before you sign in to your PC
  • Start voice access after you sign in to your PC

This configuration is very useful especially for people with motor disabilities who have impairments in using the keyboard and mouse.

How to see the list of "Voice Access" commands on Windows 11?

Voice access in Windows 11 is a feature that allows you to control and interact with the operating system using voice commands. This feature is intended to make computers more accessible to people who are visually impaired or have difficulty using a keyboard and mouse.

With voice access, you can issue voice commands to navigate the user interface, open applications, access menus, and perform other system actions. For example, you can say “Open Start Menu"Or"Open Chrome” to access these features without using the keyboard or mouse.

By voice command "what can I say” will automatically open a list of the most useful voice commands.

Voice Access commands list
Voice Access commands list

A detailed list of voice access commands is available on the page of Microsoft support. From this list you can learn very easily how to open and interact with applications Windows 11, edit text, browse computer folders and the Internet, or use the keyboard and mouse through voice access.

In which languages ​​is Voice Access available on Windows 11?

Voice access works best in English (English US), but starting with the version Windows 11 build 26020 (Cannery Channel), Microsot has extended support for the following languages: English (Australia), English (Canada), English (United Kingdom), English (India), English (New Zealand), English (Ireland), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Mexico) , German (Germany), French (Canada), French (France).

How to Activate Voice Access in Windows 11 (Voice Commands)
Voice Access supports languages ​​in Windows 11

Adding a new language is done from the control bar for voice access and requires an Internet connection.

In conclusion, voice access is an effective partner in interacting with the operating system, bringing an additional level of flexibility and customization. Voice access is not only a tool for people with special needs, but also a useful option for all users who want a convenient and efficient alternative to traditional interaction with their device.

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