Sorry, something went wrong - Facebook / Messenger Down

It sometimes happens when we try to access our Facebook account, News Feed or even Facebook Messenger, our error appears: Sorry, something went wrong. Many users are confused by this error and this Facebook message, believing that their Facebook accounts are blocked or that someone has restricted their intentional access to Facebook. In reality it is Read More

Disable auto-play video on Facebook and settings for video quality (HD & SD)

Facebook recently introduced new options for video content posted on the social network. In mod default, the videos published on News Feed start running automatically, without the need to play. Autoplay. For some this may be good, but if we have a poor internet connection or are connected through a 3G / 4G network… Read More

How combine / merge two Facebook pages into one [Merge Facebook Pages]

If you are the administrator of two Facebook pages that have the same profile of interest (for example, two pages that write the same things), then you can merge / combine them into one. The "Go Facebook Pages" option is valid only for Facebook pages that represent the same thing and have similar names. ... Read More

How to disable Facebook application specific sounds

One of Facebook's somewhat uninspired recent decisions has been to introduce sounds into the main application for iPhone and iPad. Starting with version 24.0 of the application, Facebook plays short tones every time you interact with some elements. Unfortunately, this happens by default. A large number of users Read More

How can disable Facebook Timeline in (Browser Extensions)

Launched three years ago, at the end of 2011, the Timeline interface of the social network Facebook was not received with too much enthusiasm by users. If you are among those who use the Timeline because they have no other option, we have a solution for you: Timeline Remove. Timeline Remove Read More


I don't think it exists macwould have a single Facebook user who is not irritated by any feature or various activities that take place on this social network, and yet, currently, Facebook has over 800 million active users. Among the most irritating things on Facebook, the invitations suddenly take the lead… Read More

HOW CAN WE SEEN IN FACEBOOK CHAT block notifications / messages

One of the Facebook features that users of this social network love and hate equally is the Seen notification that warns those who send private messages (Facebook Chat or Messages) whether or not they have been read. While this feature can be useful for those who send messages, those… Read More

Zoom pictures on Facebook just passing the mouse over them to Photo Zoom

Many times, when we are on Facebook, we happen to notice from comments or status updates that certain friends in the contact list have changed their profile picture. Also, some of them probably uploaded new photos. If you do not want to visit a friend's page every time he uploads… Read More