How To Turn Off / Turn On Reduce Motion Effect (Parallax 3D) on iPhone 6, 6s iPhone, iPhone SE

Reduce Motion"Or parallax effect It was introduced by Apple with the launch iPhone 6, iOS 7And this effect creates the impression that Screen image is 3D. This effect is possible by moving the background image behind the text and icons, depending on the position to hold our iPhone. We are feeling that the background image is in the depth of the screen and the text and icons are somewhere above.
All this function to respond and parallax effect closing the opening and closing applications or folders on iOS. Screen zoom when opening and closing folders or applications, icons and background images move slightly depending how moving your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch,

It is not known how many resources and how much battery consume these visual effects movement of iOSBut it is certain that not all want these effects.

How can we enable and disable "Reduce Motion" on iOS - Disable reduction of background motion pictures di zoom effects on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Function "Reduce Motion" or "Reduce Movement", you accessibility settings of iOS. So we go Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > Turn On.


After you enable this option, you will notice that the effects Zoom opening and closing an application to have totally disappeared. Same motion picture background. But the effects do not disappear completely. The opening and closing applications or folders, zoom effect is replaced with a fade effect.

How To Turn Off / Turn On Reduce Motion Effect (Parallax 3D) on iPhone 6, 6s iPhone, iPhone SE

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