A11 BIONIC - A mega-processor Apple for iPhone X yes iPhone 8

During the launch event of iPhone X, iPhone 8 and other devices Apple, the attention was captured at one point by the new A11 BIONIC processor, developed by the American company. Included on the new models of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus si iPhone X, Apple says about the A11 BIONIC processor that it is the most powerful… Read More

How can we copy / paste a text or an image from iPhone on iPad or Mac / MacBook - Clipboard Handoff

The clipboard is a very easy way to quickly copy text or an image from a web page, for example, to a notepad or anywhere we want to paste it (paste). Universal Clipboard, is a feature introduced by Apple, with macOS Sierra and iOS 10, which allows us to copy / paste to a text… Read More

How NOT to lose your password, purchased applications, emails and money in your account Apple / iCloud

Some time ago I was writing a tutorial showing how to deactivate two-factor authentication for the account Apple. Apple ID or account iCloud as it is called more popular. We do not encourage you to do this, as you risk running out of accounts Apple. To better understand what an account means… Read More

Off Apple ID Two-Factor Authentication

CAREFUL! Deactivating the two-factor authentication option may set your account Apple at the disposal of third parties malicious intent. It may result in the loss of personal data, paid applications and even money, if you have authenticated a bank account or use the service Apple Pay! Many users find this additional security measure useful for the account Apple ... Read More

How to sync Gmail Notes on the Notes app in iOS (iPhone, iPad) yes Mac OS X

Apple Notes - Application Notes is a native application, found on all devices Apple with OS X and iOS operating systems. It can be considered a simplified version of OneNote and Evernote applications. With Notes we can save text notes, photo captures, we can create shopping lists, "to do" lists and other types of notes. All notes can… Read More

[HowTo Fix] The display no longer opens, but iPhoneIt rings when we are called

Problem iPhone apparently closed screen with black screen. A problem recently encountered on iPhone 6 with the latest version of iOS 9. The screen closed completely, without any trace of light or give any sign that it would respond to a command on the buttons. iPhone seemed completely closed and could not be opened by… Read More

How to add icons to a website for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Favicon.ico - Website Icon in Browser Before a website is launched, a graphic file, favicon, is added to it to appear in the browser, to the address bar. In most situations, the favicon is a thumbnail of the graphic logo or the initials of the respective website. This favicon is added to help users identify a web address faster… Read More

How To Turn Off / Turn On Reduce Motion Effect (Parallax 3D) on iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone SE

"Reduce Motion", or the parallax effect was introduced by Apple with the launch iPhone 6, iOS 7, and this effect creates the impression that the screen image is 3D. This effect is possible by moving the background image behind the text and icons, depending on the position in which we hold iPhone. It gives us the feeling that the background image is… Read More

How can we add the Delete option instead of Archive for messages from the Mail application on iPhone and iPad

As a user of the Mail application on iPhone or iPad, you've probably noticed that sometimes it's a little hard to completely delete an email message, especially if we have a Google account (Gmail) connected to the application. Normally, when selecting or dragging from right to left, on a received message, you should… Read More

Fix iOS 9.3 Crash / Update iOS to 9.3.1 - Links Tapping Not Working in Safari and other apps / browsers

iOS 9.3 came with some news for owners iPhone, but it also came with a very annoying bug. Some owners of iPhonehave reported problems accessing links (tapping links) in Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and even in some applications such as Booking or TrimAdvisor. As written in this article, the problem persists any orice Read More