How to reinstall iOS or iPadOS using IPSW (iPhone Software)

This tutorial where you learn how to reinstall iOS or iPadOS using IPSW (iPhone Software) is useful when you want to do downgrade from an iOS or iPadOS version beta, the latest final version of the operating system for iPhone or iPad.

Reinstalling the operating system using files iPSW involves the total deletion of all data on the device iPhone or iPad, so it is highly recommended to make a backup before the reinstallation process.

What are IPSW files?

files IPSW contain the entire iOS operating system, including firmware, drivers, and other components necessary for the devices to function iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. These files are provided by Apple and are used to perform major software updates, full system restores, or fresh installations of the iOS or iPadOS operating systems.

These files are digitally signed by the company Apple, which means they cannot be installed if they have been modified or if Apple has withdrawn the digital signature for an older version of iOS or iPadOS. That's why you can't install older versions of iOS or iPadOS unless they still have the valid digital signature.

How to reinstall iOS or iPadOS using IPSW (iPhone Software)

To reinstall iOS or iPadOS using IPSW, you need to follow the steps below (steps in the tutorial are for users of operating systems macOS / Mac):

1. Download in format IPSW the operating system version for your device.

Great attention especially if you need reinstallation for iPad. The iPadOS version in the file IPSW it must be the appropriate one modeof the iPad. It matters if it is a Wi-Fi device or Cellular.

Open in browser then download the file IPSW compatible with your device.

2. Turn off location service “Find My” from the device on which you want to reinstall the operating system.

Disabling “Find My” can be done for iPad or iPhone in: Settings → iCloud Settings (click on the first option in the settings, the one where the picture with the name appears) → Find My → Turn Off – Find My iPhone.

Alternative, deactivating Find My can also be done online from the account Apple ID.

3. Connect iPhone via the data cable to the computer where you downloaded the IPSW file and authorize sync (Trust) of the two devices. I have connected a device iPhone with iOS 17 Beta Dev. TO Mac.

iPhone connected will be visible in the sidebar from Finder (sidebar).

4. Hold down the key Option, then click on the button "Restore iPhone".

How to reinstall iOS or iPadOS using IPSW
How to reinstall iOS or iPadOS using IPSW

5. Select the downloaded IPSW file, then click "Open".

Reinstall iPhone from IPSW File
Reinstall iPhone from IPSW File

6. Click "Restore" to confirm the deletion of the current operating system present on the device iPhone.

How to reinstall iOS or iPadOS using IPSW
Restore iPhone

Next, all you have to do is wait until the iOS OS reinstall is complete for iPhone.

downgrade iOS iPhone
downgrade iOS iPhone

In my example I showed how to downgrade from iOS 17 Beta to iOS version 16.5.

If you are a user of Windows, the steps are somewhat similar. The difference is that you will need to use iTunes to restore the iOS operating system.

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