Disable Two-Factor Authentication Apple ID

WARNING! Disabling the two-factor authentication option can make your Apple Account available to third-party malicious intent. It can lead to loss of personal data, paid apps and even money, if you have a bank account or you are using Apple Pay!

Many users find this useful Additional security measures Account Apple (iCloud / Apple ID). Two-factor authentication (Two-Factor Authentication), is a Moreover security Apple account when we login with him for the first time on a device or a web browser.
This process involves generating a six-digit accountSent to a device (iPhone, iPad, MacBook) Already logged in. Code to be confirmed on the new device. If Apple does not own a device but we iCloud account, six digit code will be sent to a phone number which we consider reliable and that we added when we created iCloud account. In this way, even if a malicious person we find iCloud password can not access the account without this code is automatically sent after proper authentication.


Confirm two-factor authentication

Some users do not consider this additional security method necessary. Requires extra time for authentication against the usual method, and what is most stressful, some applications that we want to connect to iCloud, do not recognize the authentication process. I have encountered this issue recently on the Windows 10 Email application, which does not allow me to use two-factor authentication for the iCloud address.

Disable Two-Factor Authentication Apple ID

If you decide to quit this authentication method, you can turn off two-factor authentication, the following steps:

1. Access the Mac / PC web address:appleid.apple.com where login with your Apple ID Here you will be asked to enter the code 6 figures.

2. section Security, Click on the link "Modifier"On the right.


3. The Security settings in the bottom-right, click on the link "Two-Factor Authentication Turn Off"


4. Click on the confirmation "Two-Factor Authentication Turn Off"


5. Set three answers to three security questions for Apple account, then check that your e-mail account recovery is correct. After completing these steps, two-factor authentication will be disabled.

Two-Factor Authentication Turn Off

Two-Factor Authentication Turn Off

After deactivation, you will be automatically logged out of all applications and browsers that you have logged iCloud account. Including the iPhone, MacBook or iPad.

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IPhone owners who use the application iMessage They will need to reactivate the service. IMessage service activation cost the equivalent value of a shipment International SMS.

Disable Two-Factor Authentication Apple ID

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