TLS / SSL Certificates - A new limit of validity imposed since September 2020

The maximum (lifetime) validity of SSL / TLS certificates has varied greatly in recent years, and each time changes were made, the time limit was shorter. Before 2011, the maximum lifespan of TLS certificates was between 8 and 10 years, following that after 2011, CA / Browser Forum (Certification… Read More

Find out if your email address and password have been compromised / stolen [Firefox Monitor]

There has been a lot of talk about "data breach" in recent years, but many users have ignored this "news" coming even on TV around the world. This is how it is done, after Yahoo! have repeatedly announced that billions of accounts have been hacked, there are still users and even small companies that use e-mail accounts… Read More

Off Apple ID Two-Factor Authentication

CAREFUL! Deactivating the two-factor authentication option may set your account Apple at the disposal of third parties malicious intent. It may result in the loss of personal data, paid applications and even money, if you have authenticated a bank account or use the service Apple Pay! Many users find this additional security measure useful for the account Apple ... Read More

Firefox 3.0 Beta 3

Firefox 3.0 is coming, but until the final version (Release Candidate) another one has been released beta (beta 3) in Firefox 3.0. Firefox 3.0 browser news Beta 3 - graphics - automatically takes over the characteristics of the operating system - simple administration of add-on, extensions, themes and plugins - allows searching and installing them without… Read More

Yahoo! Messenger 8.1 - Security Update

After announcing yesterday the solution of some problems related to Chat Rooms (Chat Rooms Follow Up), Aunt Sarah Bacon (Product Manager / Yahoo! Messenger), also came with a security update for the version windows a Y! M 8.1. The new version is recommended for users who have installed Yahoo! Messenger before Read More

Perfect Keylogger / spy software

Perfect Keylogger (bpk.exe) is one of the few programs that has almost all the options to meet the requirements of a spy software user. I used KGB Keylogger, Family Keylogger and Wiretap Professional but none of them monitor and stay better hidden in the processes Windowsthan the BPK (Perfect Keylogger). An advantage is… Read More


LS060E5.eXE This file will be detected by Kaspersky Anti-Virus as The Trojan-PSW.Win32.LdPinch.bbg file will then be launched for execution Trojan-Dropper.MSWord.Lafool.v, is a virus that attacks Word files (Microsoft Word). Its role is to launch applications to "plant" new viruses (trojans) in the infected computer. Trojan Dropper. It is enough to open the infected word file… Read More