Download: TOSHIBA Recovery Disc Creator [Vista Pre-Installed]

Update 2016

Microsoft retired Windows Vista and the company no longer produces Toshiba laptops for years with Windows Vista preinstalled. This article is of interest not only for people who still have laptops with operating systems that have not been updated since 2006. If you still use Windows Vista, we recommend that you upgrade your operating system.

Many who have bought laptop-hate TOSHIBA cu Windows Vista preinstalledTo purchase have not received any DVD Recovery Disc CreatorInstead, in one of the partitions HDDCPC finds a folder (HDDRecovery) A few GB which contains the operating system, drivers and software needed resuscitation system.
folder HDDRecovery It should not be moved or renamed before it is written on two DVDs with a Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator software. The problem is that some users have uninstalled the program before creating Recovery DiscCPC and kit installation of this software is not found on anywhere. Even the official website of Toshiba.

After I did this stupid (to uninstall the software before you create DVDs) I still managed to catch up kit installation TOSHIBA Recovery Disc Creator: P

TOSHIBA Recovery Disc Creator

After you download and unzip the file above, enter the folder and run the TOSHIBA Recovery Disc Creator TRORDCLauncher.exe. If you are greeted by the message "The recovery medium creation is impossible"Make sure the folder HDDRecovery It has been moved from secondary partition HDD.

toshiba-recovery disk creator

This software can help users who have bought Toshiba laptops Windows Vista Home Premium pre-installed. TOSHIBA Recovery Disc Creator was tested on a laptop Toshiba A300 1QE, but it is very possible that this software is compatible on other models of Toshiba laptops.

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