Jimmy - Omida`s TOP 10 era release

Already at a considerable age and nostalgia engulfed in past times, a night of end-Marit, Oprah He recalled childhood rhythms.
They are mostly songs TOP That after a season were lost with their interpreters. (In most cases, were bands that were created as to release a song, then were stopped).
Good. Memories serviceable Oprah (at 01: 00 AM), which changed my playlistCPC for a few minutes.

First song: N&D - Come to me

Not. there was no dedication :)

The second song proposed by Adina is EXOTIC - Kiss . These girls from Exotic believe they were the first who opened ERA (in) music culture with miniskirt. Very likely to have been promoted with the help miniskirt and panties to heel ;)

Exotic - Kiss.

Third proposal series: Andre - Leave me Pope at sea

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