How can we block receiving emails from a specific domain name [EXIM TIPS]

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Many e-mail servers have faced a massive SPAM received from e-mail addresses in China. To filter IPs is quite difficult, especially if they are a few thousand and not included in a global SPAM list. However, I saw that many messages come from O… Read More

How to set up NANO editor default on Linux or how to change the editor from Vi to NANO

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Vi and nano are text editors for Linux. Whether we are talking about Ubuntu or RedHat, CentOS, these editors are vital when it comes to modifying a script, a crontab or any other file present on the Linux operating system. Vi and nano are a kind of Notepad for Linux, with the difference that they don't… Read More

How to Delete All IP Deny From APF (deny_host.rules)

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APF (Advanced Policy Firewall) is a firewall system for Linux, based on iptables (netfilter). When the APF has blocked access to several server IPs, there are two ways to remove these limitations. The first option would be the direct command from the console (or via ssh) through which you can remove the blocked IPs in turn. You can … Read More

FIX PROBLEM: Your server is running PHP version 5.1.6 but WordPress 3.2.1 requires at least 5.2.4.

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Not everyone knows that to install or upgrade to a newer version of WordPress 3.2, a newer version of PHP 5.2.4 must be installed on the web server. If a version of PHP older than 5.2.4 is installed on the server, when installing the version of… Read More