Fix NGINX Error: could not allocate new session in SSL session shared cache “le_nginx_SSL” while SSL handshaking

A typical web server error with NGINX and Certbot, which I recently discovered in error.log: It is an error that occurs sporadically, only in certain scenarios and most often on high traffic websites. Large number of queries. "Le_nginx_SSL", as can be deduced from the name, is responsible for the SSL sessions served… Read More

[Fix] nginx: [emerg] “load_module” directive is specified too late in nginx.conf

Installing the modules for Apache and NGINX requires changes to the configuration files. nginx.conf, in our case. For novice users, changing some lines and directives in nginx.conf can be an extreme sport, especially if they don't understand how NGINX blocks work. The error "nginx: [emer]" load_module "directive is specified too late in nginx.conf" is the most common then… Read More

What is it and how we block the access of a User Agent (Bot or Browser) on a website [NGINX Tips]

First of all, let's see in general what this user-agent of an internet browser is and what it is used for. What is a User Agent (or User-Agent)? Everything that means internet browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Firefoc, Chrome, etc.) have an agent software that interacts with the website you are visiting, at the host server level. This Read More