Windows 7 Hidden Regional Aero Themes - Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States & South Africa

The first thing that is required at the end of the installation of the operating system Windows 7, is the setting of the language and the region you are in. Depending on these elements, Windows 7 will install on the system a pack of Aero themes as representative as possible for your location. As in Romania most use the system in English (United States),… Read More

Shoes that let your mouth water.

Have you ever seen an item of clothing (an adidas Nike, for example) and starved yourself instantly? I found on the most delicious adidas. An adidas Nike Air Max 90 created from a hamburger. Miaaammmyyy… PS. The above idea is delicious and I assume that the ingredients are very edible. They are known… Read More

The Bloggers!

The picture taken last night at Sport`s Pub (Yes! I returned to Sport`s!). I'm not saying who the characters in the picture above are, except that is the most serious (in the picture). The remaining two are completed by and Strange . The one who wants to be the head of the hospice was the one Read More