hkcmd.exe (Hotkey Command Module)

If you happen to come across the hkcmd.exe free running in your system and you've asked the question if you have nothing to worry about or not, you have the right place (to solve the problem or calm waters as appropriate or preferences: P).

Hotkey Command Module (Also called hkcmd.exe) is installed drivers for chipsets Intel VGA (graphics 81x) and most likely you have installed on your system when you buy the PC (if it was bought OS preinstalled). This process allows the configuration and / or diagnosing various Intel devices and activates shortcuts (hotkeys) To access certain applications / programs with the touch of a button (or keyboard shortcut).

hkcmd.exe is located in C: \Windows\ System32. If in doubt on this process (especially if it is running in multiple instances or have misspelled the name) then recommended an immediate full system scan! Viruses si trojanii have a bad habit of "borrow" legitimate processes names and their presence in C: \Windows is extremely risky. In addition, we recommend disabling this process and (in Control Panel) If not accustomed to using shortcuts to avoid dilemmas when running observed in task manager hkcmd.exe.