Task Manager in Windows 10 - Details about CPU, RAM, Disk and Network

Microsoft is redesigning well Windows 10 lately and brings interesting news, plus simplified access to details about the hardware components of the PC / laptop system. In the next major version of Windows 10 (May 2020) new upgrade options will be introduced (Windows Update), customization options and new information in some control panels. In Task Read More

What is the difference between the Program Files (x86) and Program Files

"Time schedule Files ”is a mandatory folder on all operating systems Windows. He was present just before Windows XP and is still maintained on Microsoft's new operating systems. What is in the folder "Program Files ”This folder is located by default on the system partition, being typical of systems and applications… Read More

How to solve the download and installation problems Windows 10 Update [Troubleshooting]

In Windows 10, Microsoft has brought a lot of news, innovations and improvements, but this operating system is far from perfect. Microsoft periodically releases updates to both the operating system and the hardware components present on the PC, in order to ensure stability, the best possible performance and, above all, security for the users. ... Read More

Disable / Enable Update Orchestrator Service - Windows 10 Task Manager Processes

Many users Windows 10 they complained about the excessive consumption of resources (HDD & CPU) consumed by the "Update Orchestrator Service". Before we see how we can disable it or get rid of this excessive load of the process or hard disk, let's see what is and what does "Update Orchestrator Service" do. The presence of this service in Windows 10 ... Read More

Fix Windows Modules Installer Worker (TiWorker.exe) High CPU & Disk Usage

If the fan (fan / cooler) starts making noise due to the high rotation speed it has reached, in an attempt to cool the processor (CPU), it is time to look in the Task Manager and check which process consumes the CPU resources.Windows Modules Installer Worker, also known as the TiWorker.exe executable, is one of the processes… Read More

How we protect ourselves Windows Ransomware PC by disabling SMBv1

As has been discussed and is very clear, WannaCry and Petya ransomware viruses could not cause such damage on a large scale if they did not use a service. Windows, left activated by default by Microsoft for at least strange reasons. SMBv1 is the service that was exploited and through which it was possible… Read More

How can we see and solve system errors in Windows 10

Too few users of Windows 10 I know about Event Viewer, although this function has been present on Microsoft systems for almost 10 years. In Event Viewer, data related to all the events in the system are stored in XML format. Administrative, operational, driver errors, incompatibilities, hardware errors and much more. How to access Event Viewer in Windows 10 and how we read… Read More

How to optimize the running speed of Windows 10 - Disable Superfetch

In a previous tutorial we showed you what a performance problem is and how it can be solved Windows 10. wsappx, the process that keeps the hard disk in a "usage" of 100% and makes it very difficult to run the operating system. Superfetch (formerly known as Prefetch) is another service Windows (Windows Services) that make operating systems Read More

What is wsappx in Task Manager and why it uses 100% Disk

Many users who have switched from Windows 7 or Windows The 8.x Windows 10, They noticed immediately after starting the new operating system, like your laptop or PC with the new one Windows 10 it goes very hard. When this happens, we first think of memory (RAM) or processor (CPU), but there are many… Read More