What's the difference between Program Files (x86) and Program Files

"Program Files" is a mandatory folder on all Windows operating systems. It was just before Windows XP and still keeps on Microsoft's new operating systems.

What is in the "Program Files"

This folder is localized by default on the system partition as it is typical systems and applications with 32-bit architecture. "C: \ Program Files" Most often.
If you enter this folder, you will see that there are application folders installed on the operating system. Besides these, there may be folders in which they are saved settings and other common data / modules of installed applications. "Common Files". It's not a good idea in any way to delete the "Program Files" folder or other folders and files inside it. Deleting some data from this folder leads to bugs in the installed applications and instability of the Windows operating system.

What is the difference between "Program Files"And"Program Files (x86)

On many computers, next to "C: \ Program Files" we find the folder "C: \Program Files (x86)". And in this directory we will find folders of all the applications installed on the Windows operating system, but this time they will be stored here only those dedicated to architecture on 64-bits. Program Files (x86) is a typical Windows operating system folder on 64-bits.

Microsoft's desire not to install the 32-bits and 64-bits applications in the same folder, along with "Program Files" it appeared "Program Files (x86)"
The Windows 64-bit operating system can run applications designed for the 32-bit architecture through "WOW64". "Windows 32-bit on Windows 64-bit". Then we can launch an 32-bit application on an 64-bit system, WOW64 will emulate and redirect the files in "C: \ Program Files" into "C: \ Program Files (x86)". Also in the Windows folder, where the system folder "System32", We find a very important two-fold system folder that deals with these operations. "SysWOW64".

What's the difference between Program Files (x86) and Program Files

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