Apple Zero-Day Vulnerability in Windows PC [Ransomware BitPaymer / IEncrypt]

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A rather serious vulnerability of Apple iTunes, has recently affected users Windows PC. Discovered by cybersecurity company Morphisec, the vulnerability is found in a path left open in iTunes for Windows. Through this vulnerability Zero-Day, allows attackers to exploit the target system and launch cryprovirus ransomware, such as BitPaymer and IEncrypt. ... Read More

How do we see which drivers need to be installed and which drivers have errors, on Windows 10 si Windows 7

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For novice users, those who do not have much knowledge about how an operating system works Windows, we say briefly, that drivers are those files that connect the hardware components (mouse, monitor, keyboard, DVD, sound, video, etc.) and the operating system Windows Microsoft. Without these drivers, an operating system could not… Read More

Complete installation tutorial Windows pe Mac (MacBook, iMac)

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Compared to the operating system macOS developed Apple, which can only be installed on Mac, Windows it is somewhat more flexible and can be installed on almost any computer. Including on Mac. Including here iMac, Mac mini MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air. The condition is to have an Intel processor, minimum 55 GB of free space… Read More

What is the difference between the Program Files (x86) and Program Files

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"Time schedule Files ”is a mandatory folder on all operating systems Windows. He was present just before Windows XP and is still maintained on Microsoft's new operating systems. What is in the folder "Program Files ”This folder is located by default on the system partition, being typical of systems and applications… Read More

How can we see and solve system errors in Windows 10

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Too few users of Windows 10 I know about Event Viewer, although this function has been present on Microsoft systems for almost 10 years. In Event Viewer, data about all the events in the system are stored in XML format. Admininstructions, operational errors, driver errors, incompatibilities, hardware errors and much more. How to access Event Viewer in Windows 10 and how we read… Read More

[HowTo] Rename multiple files (pictures, documents) simultaneously on Mac OS X yes Windows PC

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There are situations where we need to rename more pictures, documents or other files in a folder. Rename a file to Mac OS X yes Windows PC - Rename File Renaming a file File) is done relatively the same on both OS X and Windows. Select the file, right-click on it, and the "Rename" option from… Read More

Edge, the future Microsoft browser

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Originally unveiled earlier this year, the future Microsoft browser, hitherto known as Project Spartan, has caught the public's attention because it promises a much optimized experience compared to the old and hated Internet Explorer. During the BUILD 2015 event, Microsoft finally announced the product name, its logo and some additional information. With all … Read More

Steam Link, a new hardware accessory for video games

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Valve unveiled at the Game Developers Conference a new hardware accessory for televisions. It is called Steam Link and wants easy access to video games from a Steam PC on any TV in the house. The new device will benefit from the In-home Streaming functionality, which promises high resolution and framerate, at a price… Read More

Tutorial: Installing fonts on Windows XP

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Interesting title, but see what tutorial the goods give me at this time (03:22 AM), after I had a slip of a few minutes. Having to install three (3) fonts on the pc, I was confused by the word installation and I walked the crazy cursor on desktop, that I couldn't remember how… Read More