How to Connect Apple Magic Mouse / Magic Mouse 2 to Windows 10 (Pair Bluetooth Magic Mouse)

Before we show you how to connect an Apple mouse, "Magic Mouse" to a laptop or PC with Windows 10, let's make some clarifications.
Magic Mouse si Magic Mouse 2 there are two identical mouse models made by Apple. Most significant difference between the two models is like the old version works on batteries, and the new version is with non-resettable internal battery. Another difference is the green LED indicator, which on the new model.
Although I have seen many Windows users excited about how this mouse looks, I would not personally recommend it on Windows. Magic Mouse is designed specifically for Apple MacOS (iMac Pro, MacBook, Mac, Mac-Mac) operating systems, and many of its functions / capabilities are impossible to operate on the Windows PC. Neither is it a good idea. Using a normal mouse on MacOS becomes extreme sport for the user. It will be unable to execute many mouse functions on macOS.
If you still have a Magic Mouse and you have not bought a Mac yet (the mouse may be a beginning :)), it can be connected and used on a Windows 10 PC. Not familiar with the macOS operating system is very likely you will not realize that on Windows you will not use it for half its capacity.

How to Connect a Magic Mouse / Magic Mouse 2 to a PC / Laptop with Windows 10

1. First of all we need to have a laptop or a PC with Bluetooth support, and it is activated.
2. Open the Magic Mouse mouse on the bottom button.
3. We go to Windows 10 in: "Windows Settings"→"Devices (Bluetooth, printers, mouse)"→"Bluetooth and other devices"And we activate"Bluetooth". On.

4. In the "Add a device"We select the first option. Bluetooth.

5. In the list of bluetooth devices you will find the Magic mouse. In our case, this is called "Stealth's Mouse". The name was set on your MacBook.

6. Double-click the mouse name to connect to Windows 10. Under his name will appear status: Connected.

Another, faster way to connect a Magic Mouse to Windows 10 is to use the Bluetooth shortcut in systray. Right-click on the Bluetooth sign in the systray and click "Add a Bluetooth Device".

If you've used Magic Mouse on Mac, you'll be a little disappointed. With the exception of touch: scroll up and scroll down, on Windows 10 you will not be able to use the swipe, smart zoom and other touch features.

How to Connect Apple Magic Mouse / Magic Mouse 2 to Windows 10 (Pair Bluetooth Magic Mouse)

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    • Hello! "Magic Mouse" is the default name for all mouses by Apple. You can change name in Windows 10:

      1. Open Control Panel in your system.If you can not locate the control panel press Windows key + R then type "Control Panel" and hit enter.

      2. Click on Hardware & Sound option

      3. Click on Device Manager under Device and Printers Option.

      4. Once the Device Manager windows opens, expand the Bluetooth and right click on the Generic Bluetooth Adapter.

      Note: - Your adapter might display a different name compared to the generic adapter, Example (Intel, Broadcome, etc)

      5. In the Bluetooth adapter properties click on the Advance tab

      6. You can update the Bluetooth name by changing the name under Radio Information. Select the desired name and click OK.

  • good day, I need advice ... I bought a new mys ... Magic mouse 2 without batteries ... before I had a magic mouse mouse with 2 flashlights and it worked all the way. Magic mous 2 is on mac hd os X 10.11 and I have OS X, 10.9.5. so the cape "works" but can not set scrolling ... do it, please, some obist? vyriesit? very thank you and nice day, Ľubica

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