How to connect Apple Magic Mouse to Windows (Pair Bluetooth Magic Mouse)

Normally, according to the compatibility sheet, Apple Magic Mouse can only be connected to Mac, MacBook si iPad. There is also the possibility to connect any generation of Magic Mouse la Windows. In this tutorial you will see step by step how do you connect Apple Magic Mouse on Windows 10 or Windows 11.

Before we show you how to connect a mouse Apple, Magic Mouse to a laptop or PC with Windows 10 or Windows 11, let's make some clarifications.

Magic Mouse / Magic Mouse 2 (and probably modelater versions, launched after 2023) are two modele of mouse produced by Apple, almost identical. The most significant difference between the two modele, it's like the old version works on batteries, and the new version is with non-resettable internal battery. Another difference is the green indicator LED, which is not present on the new one model Magic Mouse.

Although I have seen many users Windows excited about how this mouse looks, personally I would not recommend it Windows. Magic Mouse is designed by Apple especially for devices with operating system macOS (iMac Pro, MacBook, Mac) or iPadOS (all modelele of iPad), and many of its functions / capabilities are impossible to operate on Windows PC. The other way around is not a good idea either. Using a normal mouse on macOS, becomes an extreme sport for the user. It will be unable to perform many of the mouse functions on macOS.

However, if you received a gift Magic Mouse and you haven't bought one yet Mac (mouse can be a start :)), it can be connected and used on a PC with Windows 10 or Windows 11. Not being familiar with the operating system macOS you may not realize that on Windows you will not use it at half its capacity.

How to connect Apple Magic Mouse to Windows 10 or Windows 11 (Pair Bluetooth Magic Mouse)

1. First of all, you must have a laptop or a PC with support Bluetooth, and it is activated.

2. Open the mouse Magic Mouse from the button on the bottom.

3. Go on Windows 10 in: Windows Settings →  Devices (Bluetooth, printers, mouse) →  Bluetooth and other devices and activate "Bluetooth". On.

Enable Bluetooth Magic Mouse Windows
Enable Bluetooth Magic Mouse Windows

4. In box Add a device select the first option. Bluetooth.

Connect Magic Mouse in Windows
Connect Magic Mouse in Windows

5. In the list of devices Bluetooth found, will be found Apple Magic Mouse. In our case it is called Stealth’s Mouse. The name has been set to MacBook.

How do you connect? Apple Magic Mouse on Windows
How do you connect? Apple Magic Mouse on Windows

6. Double-click the mouse name to connect it to Windows 10 or Windows 11. Status will appear under his name: Connected.

Apple Magic Mouse Connected to Windows
Apple Magic Mouse Connected to Windows

Another option, a bit faster to connect one Magic Mouse la Windows 10 / 11, is to use the shortcut Bluetooth from systray. Right click on the sign Bluetooth from systray and click Add a Bluetooth Device.

If you have used it before Magic Mouse on Mac, you will be a little disappointed. Except for the touch functions: scroll up and scroll down, on Windows 10 or Windows 11 you will not be able to use the functions of swipe, smart zoom and other touch functions.

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  1. Hola! Is there any way to permanently change the name on the Magic Mouse with Windows 10?
    The name of the previous owner remained, who had one Mac.

    • Hello! "Magic Mouse" is the default NAME FOR ALL MOUSES BY Apple. You can change name in Windows 10:

      1. Open Control Panel in your system.If you can't locate the control panel press windows key + R then type "Control Panel" and hit enter.

      2. Click on Hardware & Sound option

      3. Click on Device Manager under Device and Printers Option.

      4. Once the Device Manager windows opens, expand the Bluetooth and right click on Generic Bluetooth Adapter.

      Note: - Your adapter might display a different name compared to the generic adapter, Example (Intel, Broadcome, etc)

      5. In the Bluetooth adapter properties windows click on Advance tab

      6. You can update the Bluetooth name by changing the name under Radio Information. Choose the desired name and click Ok.

  2. dobry den, potrebujem radu… kupila som si nuovo mys… Magic mouse 2 bezbaterkovu… predtym som mala mys Magic mouse s 2 baterkami a fungovalo vsetko. Magic mous 2 je na system mac hd os x 10.11 a ja mam system OS X, 10.9.5. takze mys “funguje” ale neda sa nastavit scrolling… da sa to, prosim, nejako obist? vyriesit? velmi dakujem a pekny den, Ľubica

  3. Hi, ik heb mijn magic mouse koppen aan mijn windows laptop, alleen heb ik de functie van klikken en de muis verschuiven, dus niet omhoog scrollen en omlaag scrollen. Hoe kan ik dit oplossen ??

    • Magic Mouse Has Many Nice Features but they have only for macOS. Magic Mouse on Windows will allow you to right-click, left-click and scroll web pages (up / down).
      If these functions work for you on Windows, it means that everything is ok.

    • I followed the whole guide, the keyboard works perfectly, the mouse does not continue to work the scrool. how is it possible

    • See the tutorial given by "Mac”Above. You tell me if that method works. I only tried it on a MacBook Pro With Windows 10 installand through Boot Camp. Thanks!

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