How to optimize the running speed of Windows 10 – Disable Superfetch

A Previous tutorial We show you what it is and how it can be solved performance problem a Windows 10. wsappx, The process that keeps you hard diskin a "usage"Of 100% And greatly hinders running the operating system.

SuperFetch (known in the past as prefetch) is another service Windows (Windows Services) which makes operating systems hard to handle. Especially during the first days after installing the operating system. The activity and resource consumption of this system service may be viable in Task Manager.

Service SuperFetch deals with Indexing and cachingCPC application data from the system, so that they can be quickly made available to the user when he asks for it. So far it would be a good thing, but if we have to deal with one hard disk older, of 5200 rpm, the data cache will keep our hard drive in very high usage, and the system would "move" hard. A symptom of running the Superfetch service is the excessive consumption of resources CPU si Hard Disk when the laptop is on but we are not working on it. You probably heard the cooler accelerating a lot, even if you have no open application on your laptop and do not touch the keyboard or mouse.
Disabling Superfetch will not result in a degradation of the operating system performance nor in execution errors because it is not dependent on other processes or applications. It may degrade the running of some applications or games instead.

How to optimize the running speed of Windows 10 – Disable Superfetch Windows Service

Activating or deactivating Superfetch is made very easy from Windows Services. Press the keys Windows + R, then in the boxrun"Taste"services.msc". In the list of services we look for “SuperFetch"> Right-click>"Properties".

In the dialog that opens, change the running status to system startup (Startup type), from “automatically"In"Disabled".

Apply & OK To save the changes. The next time you start your operating system, Superfetch will not run anymore.
Also from this dialog you can choose to stop the service immediately, by clicking on "Stop".

The service can be reactivated at any time you want, following the steps above and selecting "Automatic" or "Automatic (Delayed Start)" for a delayed start of the process.

The most curious can see the files indexed by this service in: “C: \Windows\ Prefetch".

Superfetch / Prefetch is a service of Windows Microsoft and does not represent a penchant for Microsoft Virus Or other applications malware.

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  1. klint leuk maar heel de superfetch service staat zoals meerdere andere haalam niet in de lijst. maar ondertussen is het wel actief jaast ik de map met superfetch al meerdeer keren als test leeg gehoud heb en hij bilbeit nieuwe files aanmaken.

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