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One of the reasons that some users did not want to move or even to test new Windows 7Is either convenience or habit or addiction of some applications that run only on Windows XP. Brings into question Windows XP, because we are almost sure that users who have bought and have installed Windows View, Passed to Windows 7. Much of ...
We tested Windows 7 since official launch day the first beta, and I chose to install the new operating system dual-boot cu Windows Vista and Windows XP. For weeks, I have given up many keep two operating systems on our PCs, and I chose to stay only Windows 7. Needs have led us to seek a solution to run yet other operating systems in parallel to the base.

In the following I will show you how to install and run Windows XPOn a PC with Windows installed you 7. Of course, those who have installed Windows XP PCs can install Windows 7, Windows Vista or any other operating system in parallel with the base.

How to create a virtual PC install Windows XP. .

Before you start installing the OS, make sure you have enough space on your hard drive and enough RAM, so your PC to support another operating system over the base.

1. Go to and download VirtualBox for Windows hosts. x86 / amd64.

2. Proceed VirtualBox application installation process and finally fill the registration form.

virtual box registration

3. Sun VirtualBox console, click on the blue button "New"-> Next -> Select a name for the operating system, type of operating system si version.

installing windows xp

4. In the next screen, choose how much RAMOf quantum installed on your PC you want to use the new OS Windows XP. Recommended that it would be to allocate as little. It depends on what your application is going to run the OS.

RAM allocated to Windows XP

5. In the next step, you will need to create a virtual hard drive for OS.

virtual hard disk

Choose a location on your hard drive where you want the file to be virtual (eg xp.vdi) The virtual hard disk and volume allocations. (Depending on the size and determine the software to be installed)


6. Finish & Finish.

Up to this step, we were able to prepare Virtual PC for Windows XP. In Sun VirtualBox interface, we have the new system, where you have to set the properties and, depending on our needs. Boot order, video memoryPorts USB, NICEtc motherboard.

System Settings

7. If Install Windows XP from CDWill be established in VirtualBox, partition "Removable Storage"CD / DVD. See in My Compuer is this partition and see in the image below where it should be mounted partition.

mount cd dvd

8. Insert the Windows XP CD, click Windows XP in VirtualBox & Start.

Installation and virtual operating system functionality (Windows XP in our case) will be the same as a normal PC. You can install apps, you can connect to Internet and run any sotturi want (limited memory and disk space allocated).
In Sun VirtualBox, along with Windows XP, you can add other operating systems. Note that for each operating system is required to create a virtual PC, which must assign resources (RAM, HDD) based system.