7 install Windows on your Apple Mac using Boot Camp

If tells you how you can install on a PC or We thought and information about how to install Windows 7 a Intel Mac might be useful to someone.

To install the Windows 7 on Apple Mac you will need:

  • a DVD installation image Windows 7
  • Installation DVD Leopard OS X
  • 16GB space disk
  • un back-up the files stored on the Mac, to avoid less pleasant consequences (removal / destruction or modification)

After you have ensured that all conditions are met 4 (: P), check that you have updateInstalled sites, especially Firmware (Apple Button->Software Updates), And close all running programs.

Click Finder and go to Applications->Utilities and open Boot Camp Assistant.


In the new window click on ContinueThen create partitions for Windows 7 (click & drag). After you have allocated space required, click on Partition.


After partitioning process is complete, you will see a 2 the century Bootcamp desktop.


Insert the installation DVD Windows 7 and click on Start Installation.


Before starting the installation, you will need to select the partition you prepared for Windows 7. The installation will proceed by itself, and during it the system will reboot several times. At first restart careful remove the installation DVD of WindowsBecause your Mac to boot automatically Windows 7.

After default (Language, keyboard, time and date, etc.) and updates to be installed automatically, install drivers for Windows. Insert the installation DVD Leopard OS X and select Run setup.exe. In the open window (Boot Camp Installer) Select Next->I accept the terms etc, check Apple Software Update for Windows and click on Install.


Install Boot Camp drivers missing, then a new restart will be "claimed". :)

After 7 install Windows on MacBefore each boot, you will option to choose between the two operating systems the one you want to use.


Success! ;)