Activate and deactivate Windows Tools & Features Mini Regedit

Can you use very often a computer that do not have access to administratorAnd some characteristics si essential programs of of Windows are disabled. Or maybe it PC Your recently had a meeting with one 3 degree or more Virus who have disabled some "toys" vital OS. Or maybe you curious children or you have to share your computer with several other people and want to disable some Feature Links important because then you do not suffer something unpleasant consequences. In any of these situations you are in, Mini Regedit will come to the rescue, allowing you to reactivate or deactivate those characteristics "painful" that you want to protect it that you want to visit.

mini regedit

Mini Regedit is a application extremely simple interface and easy to use for users of all levels, and is also portable (Not installed) and consume very few resources. Using Mini Regedit can deactivate or reactivate registry Editor (regedit), Task Manager, Command prompt (cmd), folder Options, System TrayYou can restrict access to Run and can block Taskbar. You can also view hidden files or system files (default hidden).

Mini Regedit {FileLink = 5}

Note: Compatible with XP, Vista and 7.

Activate and deactivate Windows Tools & Features Mini Regedit

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