Change Windows 7 Logon Screen (Users Login Screen) Background Image

We are sure that many of you are willing to change, especially when it comes to styleCPC OS Windows 7. Compared to Windows XP, Windows 7 allows a lot of changes GUI. We can customize the colors taskbaracquis, the windows explorerand many others, but there is something that cannot be changed from the settings Windows. The image of background a screenacquis Logging (Logon Screen).

in variant defaulton Windows 7 RC 7100This image is quite Grage, but if after a while I'd still like to make a change.

Screenshot - Logon Screen Default in Windows 7:

default login screen background

To change the logon screen image backgrund's, it needs a simple tool. Logon Changer for Windows 7. An application with an intuitive graphical interface and does not require installation. In just seconds you can change the background image of the screen's logging.

login screen

Download: Logon Screen Chager for Windows 7.

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