How can you upgrade from Windows to Windows 7 7 Beta RC

If you are among those who use Beta and who waited (or still waiting) forward , Then you probably already know that Microsoft recommended a clean install of the latter (RC) or . Those who have already got the RC (recommend downloading it from Microsoft's servers, The May 5 Windows 7 RC will be made public) and tried to make upgradeFrom the Beta were greeted by the following error:


If you do not (or will is disgust, as we know some: D) to recustomizati, reconfigure and to reinstall applications you use the Beta, you have at hand a simple solution. To upgrade from Beta to Windows 7 Windows 7 RC you have to follow some steps:

1. Download Windows 7 RC and extract image content. iso (Recommend using );

2. Go to the folder sources and find the file "cversion.ini";

3. Open that file using NotepadSite:


4. Change the value MinClient from 7077.0 in 7000.0 and save the file;

MinClient = 7000.0
MinServer = 7000.0

5. Recreate the image . Iso Windows 7 RC and run the installer again. This time the upgrade from Beta to RC as possible. ;)

How can you upgrade from Windows to Windows 7 7 Beta RC

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