Decrypt / encrypt (password) a USB Stick (Flash Memory) in Windows 7 Ultimate [Decryption / Encryption BitLocker How To]

BitLockerCPC is the feature very welcome for those who store important data Hard DriveCPC domestically on external hard drive or USB drives ().
Almost three weeks ago we showed how we can use BitLocker if we do not (TPM). Most prone to loss / theftToday we are trying to show you how you can protect your important data stored on a USB memory As you can encrypt, password si decrypt USB memory.

BitLocker Drive Encryption USB Drive USB & Decrypt.

Encryption and Securing USB Memory is very simple and follow a few steps.

1. after online memory stickCPC to your PC, go to the computer> select and right-click on the drive memory, then click on Turn on BitLocker ...

turn on BitLocker

2. Select the box next to "Use the password to unlock the drive"Then enter your password in both houses of your choice to access the drive. Next.


3. In the next step you provide a code with which you can unlock USB stick if you forget the password entered in step above. BitLocker Recovery Key.


Click on "Save the recovery key to a file"To save the password in a .txt file on your PC, or click on"Print the recovery key"BitLocker Recovery Key to remove the printer.
After you choose one of two options for saving BitLocker Recovery Key click Next.

4. At this step you are asked again if you really want to encrypt the drive. During encryption is directly proportional to the volume drive (USB Flash in our case). click 'Start Encrypting"


5. BitLocker Drive Encryption - Once on the encryption of USB memory, you must wait until completion. You have the option to "break", but this option does not stop the whole process of encryption. To not lose data on USB stick or hard drive, you must make sure that this process will not be inrerupt of a power failure or accidental disconnection of the USB Stick's.
The encryption process can last from several minutes to several hours (for encrypting a large capacity hard drive).


6. At the end of the encryption process appears: Encryption of drive and complete.


After this step and Securing USB encryption USB stick has been made.


If you disconnect and USB online stick to your PC or to another PC, you can not access the content unless you enter the password set in step 2.


BitLocker allows you to unlock access to USB Stick on your PC without the need to enter the password. We advise this if the PC that no longer have access and others outside your Automatically unlock on this computer from now on.

Manage BitLocker

After encrypted and password protected USB stick right click on the drive in "computer"And click Manage BitLocker to access the options list BitLocker.


BitLocker Drive Encryption Options



- Change your password to unlock the drive.
remove password the encrypted drive. (Watch here ... you can forget the encryption password only if you selected another method of limiting access)
add a smart card to unlock the drive. (Option which allows you to use an SD Card or USB stick another to unlock access to encrypted USB drive - an alternative to password)
- Save or print kay recovery again (in case you lost the file or spreadsheet that are key sites recover password)
Automatically unlock this drive on the computer. (Not to need to inroduceti password each time you connect the USB stick to your PC)

Decryption USB Drive (Memory Stick or enternal HDD)

If you want to decrypt an encrypted USB stick with BitLocker we must follow some very simple steps.

1. go to and click on System and Security.


2. click on .


3. Click on "Turn off BitLocker"And click Decrypt Drive.



4. Wait until the decryption process is completed the drive.


It is very important that during both the encryption process and the decryption process, do not disconnect the drive at work. It can result in loss of stored data or even destruction of the drive.

Tutorial tested on a USB stick 2GB Windows Ultimate 7 x86 .

Decrypt / encrypt (password) a USB Stick (Flash Memory) in Windows 7 Ultimate [Decryption / Encryption BitLocker How To]

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